Viz Libero 6.7

The latest version of Vizrt`s sports analysis tool includes the new Viz Libero AR, World Cup data integration, and a dedicated Viz Libero Coaching version.

Viz Libero 6.7 is released today featuring support for the all new Viz Libero AR. Viz Libero AR combines the analysis power of Viz Libero with augmented reality (AR) graphics, creating a new way for sports presenters to tell the story of the action on the field and engage sports fans.

Viz Libero combines 3D replays and virtual graphics from any sport to provide deeper, multi-angle analysis of key plays and moments within the game. A photorealistic 3D view of the original game footage enriched with analysis graphics are placed as AR elements in front of the sports presenter in the studio. Studio cameras control the angle of the field tying together the studio and the analysis. Instead of simply over voicing the analysis clip, the presenter can break down the whole action, interacting with the play or even controlling the action using an iPad or touchscreen.

Viz Libero Coaching

Viz Libero 6.7

A dedicated coaching version & license of Viz Libero is available with version 6.7. Coaches & analysts get the perfect solution to analyze, visualize and evolve their tactic schemes. Analysis tools, such as player markings, tracks, formation lines, and arrows, are applied to a game or training situation. The tools are fundamental for the understanding and communication between coaches and players. Additional Viz Libero tools such as 3D camera flights or unique tactical perspectives, can be added to the coaching license for the Ultimate coaching solution.

The coaching package runs on a laptop (also available through Vizrt) for full flexibility and mobility. The system easily imports and exports your video clips for editing.

Deltatre plugin and graphics for the World Cup

Viz Libero 6.7 deltatre

Viz Libero 6.7 includes Deltatre’s official data plug-in for the World Cup. The plugin retrieves and displays live player tracking data, event logs, statistics, or heatmaps. Using the plugin allows much quicker turnaround time to edit analysis clips. Users can browse through the game logs to directly find a moment of interest. Live player tracking data is available to highlight any player on the field and retrieve specific player information. The plugin from Deltatre also includes new statistics and heat maps for each player and each team.

Deltatre is also providing a dedicated Viz Libero graphics package for the World Cup matching the official FIFA graphics design.

The plugin and graphics package will be delivered by Deltatre to right holders that reserved the package(s).

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