Viz Libero 6.8

The latest version of Vizrt’s immersive sports analysis system adds improvements to the new Libero AR feature and multiple other workflows. The NBA Advanced Stats plugin will become available to NBA rights holder.

Libero AR Improvements

The stunning Libero AR made its debut at this year’s World Cup in Russia, and provided impressive footage from different broadcasters. The new Viz Libero version provides a virtual table to place the soccer clip / analysis on. In addition, multiple workflow & editing improvements have been added based on customer feedback. These include a better transition fade between the Libero full-screen clip and the Studio Libero AR view and simpler positioning of the AR view in the virtual studio.

NBA Advanced Stats Plugin

Viz Libero 6.8 integrates NBA Advanced Stats data feeds from Sportradar OnAir directly into its workflows and extends it with new features. During project creation, Viz Libero retrieves all team and player information for the selected game. Using the event-based video search, the user can easily find any NBA-logged event in the game feed. To enhance the analysis clips, the Viz Libero/NBA integration offers access to all NBA statistics and heatmaps for insertion into the Clip.

GUI screenshot of the NBA Advanced Stats plugin for Viz Libero

Workflow enhancements

Viz Libero users benefit from a variety of workflow improvements and additional minor features with the new Viz Libero 6.8 version, including:

  • Stop points can be inserted while the video is being paused. This is a long-time desired feature for anchors using the Telestra
  • The freehand lines (and arrows) have been smoothed and intuitive editing options added for any kind of freehand lines on the field or in overlay form
  • Another simplification desired since the early Libero days is now available with the update process for the color keying and object cutouts. Same as in Viz Arena the adaption is now automatically saved - without hitting a keystroke.

In addition, many other processes like the camera calibration, the Live Viz Engine integration and the Administrator are improved. See the release notes or tutorial video for a full overview of all changes.

About Viz Libero

Viz Libero is the industry-leading sports analysis solution. It combines 3D virtual sports enhancements with powerful telestration tools. Running on a laptop and only requiring game footage – either live or as a clip – Viz Libero generates the perfect perspective for analyzing interesting or controversial scenes.

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