Viz Libero 6.9

One of the most stunning features of Viz Libero, Vizrt’s immersive sports analysis solution, is the Virtual Presenter. Clips from many channels, i.e. Televisa, Movistar/Canal+, went viral. The feature is now available as a live solution on one-box, which provides a lot of additional options and flexibility compared to the previous version.

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We are constantly looking for new ways to present the complexities of winter sport to our viewers. Virtual Presenter gave us an extremely visual way to add an extra layer of storytelling to footage by placing our presenter in the middle of the action. It was quick and easy to set up and a lot of fun to use. The viewers have loved it!

Morten JohannessenExecutive Producer, Discovery Networks Norway

Live Virtual Presenter: Simplified workflows and more presenting options

A one-box solution, Live Virtual Presenter now provides increased flexibility and options for sports analysis. The presenter can be placed on the field interactively mastering the action around them from an iPad. In addition, two presenters can interact simultaneously in the same clip.

Live Virtual Presenter now respects 3D positions of objects. These improvements related to depth compositing allow the presenter to be placed between objects (see image below). On the workflow front interacting with Viz Artist is no longer required. All editing can now be carried out live once the clip is imported into Viz Libero.

Live Virtual Presenterpresenter places presenter between objects. New for Viz Libero 6.9.

Sportscode Integration for Viz Libero Teams

The new Viz Libero Teams offering is available for coaches or clubs to boost the performance of their teams. The world's best teams and athletes trust Viz Libero to elevate their performance and skills. Viz Libero 6.9 offers a tight integration with Hudl Sportscode, the leading tagging and logging software, to easily transfer projects between the two programs.

Swiss National Football Team using Viz Libero Teams in a stadium on a laptop

Dongle-free licenses

Viz Libero 6.9 includes a new license system enabling dongle-free licensing. A dongle is not required with the new license system, creating a faster and easier workflow for customers to get their Viz Libero system enabled.

New Vizrt customers can sign up using the new Vizrt licensing portal to acquire and activate licenses in a self-service manner. Vizrt customers with current support and with eligible software will be able to acquire licenses. The new license system allows single systems to be licensed individually or as part of a license server so that only the Viz Libero’s needed for a specific production are licensed. The new license system allows customers to use virtual and cloud deployments for Viz Libero. The use of the license server, combined with virtualized environments creates a future-proof system for live production. The upgrade path for customers with an eligible Viz Engine includes software that can be operated with the existing dongles or with the new dongle-free license.

About Viz Libero

Viz Libero is the industry-leading sports analysis solution. It combines 3D virtual sports enhancements with powerful telestration tools. Running on a laptop and only requiring game footage - either live or as a clip - Viz Libero generates the perfect perspective for analyzing interesting or controversial scenes. For the full release notes for Viz Libero 6.9 please visit our FTP site here. Follow the path: Products/VizLibero/LatestInstallers/VizLibero6.9.

Viz University update

The Viz Libero course in Viz University has been updated with the latest features highlighted in this release. Log in here to access the course.


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