Game, set, match

Viz Libero 7 strikes home all video formats

Version 7.0 of Viz Libero includes game-changing advancements absorbing into the ecosystem of Viz Engine 4 and taking full advantage of the latest developments of Vizrt’s render engine.

Providing solutions that accommodate future developments is at Vizrt’s forefront. With this integration, all the latest video formats, including 4K, HDR, 1080p and IP are supported to deliver stunning looking graphics on a single, future-proof sports platform.

Viz Libero 7 is the first version that includes the new unified Engine IO, paving the way for future developments and building a consistent and robust base for easy and flexible setup integrations.

Supporting all video formats

The photorealistic 3D virtual enhancements of Viz Libero naturally benefit from the precision of high-resolution video formats. More and more sports events on a national and international level are produced in high-end formats like UHD or HDR. Viz Libero 7 embraces these technological advancements in its native format and in all supported workflows and lets you create compelling analysis content of major sports events in the same cutting-edge quality. IP based solutions open the door to virtualized and more remote production workflows for Viz Libero 7, allowing absolute flexibility and mitigating physical limitations like hardware dependencies or budget restrictions.

Improved workflows and simplifications:

  • Hardware for Viz Libero 7 is now consistent with regular Engine hardware with a Matrox board.
  • Supporting audio throughput for new video formats (1080p & UHD) on SDI and IP workflows.
  • Support for EVX LinX protocol
  • Migration to dongle-free licensing

Installation Files and Release Notes

Active customers can download the installation files, release notes and driver requirements from the ftp server: at /products/VizLibero/LatestInstallers/7.0/


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