Viz Mosart 3.8

Vizrt’s studio automation system has been updated with a number of new features to improve functionality even more.

Full control of Grass Valley switchers through CPL

Grass Valley video switchers that support the Grass Valley CPL protocol can now be controlled from Viz Mosart through this protocol. This opens up the possibility to utilize the full capabilities of the Grass Valley video switchers, capabilities that until now have been unavailable due to limitations in legacy serial protocols. Note that this feature is currently only available in certain geographical areas.

iNews columns usage

The latest version of Viz Mosart, version 3.8, includes a new way to define a Viz Mosart template type and variant through columns in iNews. This is a feature that has previously been available only from ENPS.

Altering story item duration from NRCS

With Viz Mosart 3.8 it is possible to alter the duration of story items from the NRCS through MOS External Metadata. Several variants of this are available, such as changing the duration for all story items of the same type, or only on a specific story item.

Additional new features

For additional new features and bug fixes, please refer to the Viz Mosart 3.8 release notes.

Installer, Documentation and Tutorials

Download installation files from the Vizrt ftp.

Documentation for Vizrt’s products can be found in our Documentation Center. Documentation specific for Viz Mosart are bundled with the Viz Mosart installers (server and GUI) and as individual files on the Vizrt ftp in the Documentation folder.

About Viz Mosart

Viz Mosart is the world’s number one studio control system and the only open studio automation system capable of working with all major systems and devices, including all leading video switchers manufactured by SAM, Ross, Grass Valley, and Sony.

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