Viz Mosart 4.1

A feature release for Viz Mosart, part of the Vizrt Automation Solution

3 Feb 2021

Viz Mosart 4.1 is now released, containing Web based status monitoring, improved Vizrt live production system effects layering, and HTML based newsroom plug-in, a REST API for developers, IP interfacing to Grass Valley switchers, and enhanced EVS server control

The release of Viz Mosart 4.1 brings additional value for existing Viz Mosart customers as well for new customers with the advent of the Vizrt Automation Solution available as part of the Vizrt Production Control Suite.

There is a new Web-based dashboard application for a device overview panel to monitor the server and connected device statuses in a browser. Using this application, there is no longer a need to have the automation server applications visible in the control room.

Improved Viz Vectar/ Viz Vectar Plus integration provides the most comprehensive control of any video switcher device. Full support for LiveSet Effects enables managing up to 4 primary sources/input layers with effects on the M/Es. Previously, it has only been possible to use the first two layers as A and B bus. With the 4.1 release, two additional buses, C and D can also be selected giving the user the full benefit of LiveSet Effects. This expanded capability will work with the Vizrt Live Production Solution as well.

An HTML based Newsroom Plug-in a preliminary replacement for the ActiveX Newsroom plugin, enabling Vizrt to offer additional features in the future. All existing functionality of the current ActiveX will gradually be added.

Improved MOS NRCS feedback functionality for sending template sets and templates to a NRCS supports GroupedByType and SendAllTemplateSets when enabled

A REST API has been created for exposing automation templates to outside parties for task such as browsing, enabling third party developers and suppliers to gain access to the templates. The API can also be used to create MOS objects.

Enhanced integration to Grass Valley Kula and Kahuna vision mixers over IP with TCP/IP eliminates legacy serial interfaces as long as the device supports this option.

When controlling EVS video servers over the VDCP protocol, it is possible to set up the video server to link two clips used for key and fill and play them out synchronously. Such clips can be used as a backup for regular graphics key and fill, or for content that does not need to be dynamically changed.

Viz Mosart 4.1 is now released, containing bugfixes and improvements. For the full release notes please visit the Vizrt FTP site under /products/VizMosart/Latest Version/VizMosart-4.1