Viz Multichannel 3.0

New features include an easy playlist scheduling tool, a new media management tool, and support for handling live events.

Vizrt announced today the release of Viz Multichannel 3.0, the latest version of Vizrt’s automated channel branding system. This is a major release with new features as well as improvements and fixes.

Quick Scheduler


The new Viz Multichannel 3.0 includes Quick Scheduler. Quick Scheduler makes it easy to create and update playlists or complete rundowns with a user-friendly graphical user interface. Multiple channels and playlists can be managed from a single Viz Multiplay Client. Using the Quick Scheduler tool, a user can build an event including clips, graphics, live events or placeholder events. These can then be dragged and dropped into a calendar with start times, duration and other metadata to build the playlist. The created schedule can then be exported as an xml file or through Viz Multichannel’s Integrations Hub. This allows the schedule to be automatically added to Viz Multichannel.

Adding media resources

The new Clips and Clip Bank features makes it easy to locate and add media resources to a schedule. Clips makes it easy to use media from Viz One or Media Service, while Clip Bank makes it easy to create a pool of often-used media resources.


Viz Multichannel as automation - Live and Lock events

Viz Multichannel 3.0 includes support for running as the primary automation system for a channel, with support for handling live and lock events in a schedule. When a live event is processed by Viz Multichannel, it requires an external control system to return back the playlist. This feature allows the start time of the events occurring after the live event to be time shifted automatically and resume playing continuously.

Not all events need to be time adjusted after a live event. In this case, the new Lock feature locks the begin time of an event to ensure the times will not be changed. If an over-run or under-run situation occur with sequential recalculations of start times and a locked event is reached the re-calculation process will be stopped and the timing of the locked event and events after the locked event will not be changed.

Installation and documentation

For the latest information and installation instructions, please see the release notes at where you also can download the latest installers. For more detailed information and documentation please visit our Documentation Center or go directly to the Viz Multichannel 3.0 documentation.

About Viz Multichannel

With Viz Multichannel, multiple graphical elements including real-time 3D graphics and elements such as images, text and audio can be combined creatively to make flexible channel branding in a fully automated way. For more information see Viz Multichannel Product page.

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