Viz Multichannel 3.1

Viz Multichannel 3.1 released with new media asset management integration

Vizrt announced today the release of Viz Multichannel 3.1, the latest version of Vizrt’s automated channel branding system.

This version is recommended for new installations, and as an update for customers using earlier versions of Multichannel.

New Viz One playlist integration for Quick Scheduler

Quick Scheduler is integrated with Viz One with  playlist integration. This provides  asset management ahead of time and enables status update from Viz One with regards to requisition of media, QS status, delivery to playout servers and more.

Schedule file translator

The new XML Translator command line tool enables the transformation of XML schedule files to a format that is import friendly for Viz Multichannel. For many workflows this tool eases ingesting playlists to Viz Multichannel from external sources such as scheduling and automation systems.

Performance enhancements and easier usability

Viz Multichannel 3.1 provides many performance enhancements, bugfixes and usability improvements, for instance easy save/reload of playout configurations. See the full release notes available at

Installation and documentation

Download installation files from the from the folder /products/VizMultichannel/Latest Version/3.1

For documentation, visit our Documentation Center

About Viz Multichannel

With Viz Multichannel, multiple graphical elements including real-time 3D graphics and elements such as images, text and audio can be combined creatively to make flexible channel branding in a fully automated way. For more information see Viz Multichannel Product page.

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