Viz Multichannel 4.0

The new version of Vizrt’s channel branding system includes a toolkit that simplifies the creation and management of schedules.

Viz Multichannel 4.0 is released with a suite of tools to help media companies create, control and edit their channel branding playlists and schedules, as well as providing a robust integration with Vizrt’s media asset management system.

Easily create schedules with Quick Scheduler

Viz Multichannel 4.0 includes the new Quick Scheduler component. The Quick Scheduler comes with a client for the Traffic department to create and manage schedules and provides a quick, visual overview of the schedule spanning events for hours, days or weeks. The Quick Scheduler client includes drag-and-drop capabilities for adding items to a playlist such as graphics and videos. Adding new events, including placeholders for live events, to the schedule is also easily done in this client.  

Included in the installation is the Quick Scheduler Server. The Quick Scheduler client communicates with the Quick Scheduler Server for storing any schedules. This allows a media company’s entire Traffic department to collaborate on creating and editing schedules for several channels. Once schedules are stored for publishing, the system will automatically push them in time to the Master Control Viz Multichannel system for playout of video and graphic events on air.

New playlist management features

Viz Multichannel 4.0 provides operators essential tools for monitoring channels while one air. Previously opened playlists are easily accessed when reopening the Viz Multichannel Client. When switching between channels, the playlist focuses on the currently playing event. The operator sees directly what event is playing on each channel.

Integration Module improvements

Further improvements for the PB Neptune Integration are now available, allowing customers to handle multiple channels through one integration module as well as have a backup housekeeper defined.

Add thousands of clips to your playlist

Viz One, Vizrt’s media asset management system is fully integrated with Viz Multichannel, allowing thousands of clips to be accessed, added to playlists, and played in real-time with the same power as using graphics-based templates. Viz Multichannel and Viz One users now have complete freedom to use any asset they want for live channel branding.

For more details, please refer to the Viz Multichannel User’s Guide.

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