Multichannel 4.1.0

The latest version of Vizrt’s channel branding system improves the handling of last minute changes to the schedule with the new playlist importer, has improved PB Marina integration and includes a preview of our new REST interface for integration partners.

Playlist Importer v2

Multichannel 4.1.0 includes a new and improved playlist importer that enhances performance during any import or update of the schedule. This allows users to have better handling of last minute changes to the schedule.

Integration Hub Rest API v2 (preview version)

This latest version also includes a preview of our new REST API for Integration Hub that allows partners to get a head start on developing integrations for the future.

PB Marina integration module improvements

Improved integration with PB Marina, including greatly reduced time for import and added support for deletion of single secondary elements.

Viz One Meta-data dynamically linked

During an update of a playlist with existing Viz One video elements the contents of the meta-data section will now optionally be verified and updated, allowing for late changes to Viz One elements for any reason, including a placeholder being turned into a fully populated element.

For further details please see the Release Notes on the Vizrt FTP following the path Products/VizMultichannel/LatestVersion.

Viz University update

The Viz Multichannel course in Viz University has been reviewed in line with the latest features highlighted in this product release. The course is called Viz Multichannel Setup and Administration. Login to Viz University to access the course.