Multichannel 4.2.0

The latest version of Vizrt’s channel branding system now supports pilot data elements, supports the latest version of the Pebble Beach Marina Automation System, and more.

18 Dec 2019

Support Pilot Data Elements – It is now possible to import Schedules, define Rules via MultiChannel UI

A customer can use Pilot to design and edit content pages, and use whatever scheduling system they have to plan playout and send this to their automation system. MultiChannel can receive the schedule via the automation system, be it via a direct Integrations Hub or by PLI. We are now able to allow these elements to be identified and scheduled for playout by Media Sequencer. Pilot Elements can also be used by Rules engine as well as added manually on the fly via the Multichannel UI.


Support latest version of Pebble Beach Marina Automation System 

The latest version of Marina system has API changes regarding separation of channels’ main and backup system, requiring adjustment in the PB Marina Integration Module to support this. In addition we now also support defining the limit to batch calls for playlist sync, to allow reducing stress on the Marina system and optionally focus on only keeping the elements near playout in the MultiChannel system. This can be of help for installations with very large schedules and/or where stress impact on the Marina system is of concern.

Support HTTPS for Viz One where port 80 is blocked for security reasons

We now route even initial querying and searching using HTTPS (port 223) if so defined and not only the request and delivery of information payloads as they are transferred from Viz One back to Promo Server or the Multichannel UI.


Integrations Hub REST API v2 is now in Preview Version, with fully documented API included

We are now one step closer to the full release of the Integrations Hub REST API v2, with the api now being in Preview state, having several minor improvements added to it as well as having the API fully documented and included with the release. We now encourage all 3rd party integrators towards Integrations Hub to evaluate and upgrade to v2 if needed in preparation of the official release as part of v5.0


For further details please see the Release Notes on the Vizrt FTP following the path Products/VizMultichannel/LatestVersion.