Viz Multiplay 2.3

The latest version of Vizrt’s video wall and multi-screen control system includes integration with switchers, support for external triggering, enhanced clip control and several usability improvements.

Switcher integration

The Peripheral Bus protocol provides a new way to control a variety of devices from almost any modern switcher. Utilizing a serial interface and just a few simple commands, switchers can control Vizrt’s Media Sequencer to trigger Viz Multiplay events including video wall layout, play out graphics or clips, and switching live sources.

External triggering

Viz Multiplay is now integrated with external systems through REST, VDCP or GPI. When content is played out on the Viz Engine from other Vizrt tools such as Viz Trio or Viz Pilot, or from external systems, the Program column now reflects the current content on the Viz Engine.

Clip control

When using Viz Multiplay as a clip player it is important to have full control over playback. It is now possible to pause, re-cue (set the video back in the first frame and stop) and continue video clips that are currently set in Program. All of these operations are available from the keyboard.

Enhanced content control

When controlling multiple video walls the number of channels increase. Organizing your content is important when time limits are short. In Viz Multiplay you can now tailor the view of each story to display only the channels with relevant content. When content is armed and ready to go on air, there’s now a quick way to unarm all channels, in case the producer changes his mind. When using the Graphic Hub as backend for images, you can now limit your media search to the ingest folder, which makes it much quicker to find relevant images. When images are added to a playlist from an HTTP resource, they can now automatically be transferred to the Graphic Hub for instant playout. In the Media panel it is now possible to configure how many search results you want to be displayed.

For a full list of changes see the Viz Multiplay user's guide 2.3.

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