Viz Multiplay 2.4

The latest version of Vizrt’s multi-screen control system, Viz Multiplay 2.4, has been released featuring new tools for designing physical video wall configurations.

Viz Multiplay gives media companies a simple way to control studio screen content from a single interface. It is easy to use and flexible enough to allow content to be distributed to multiple screens with different configurations. The new features in version 2.4 provide additional flexibility in screen setup, transitions between clips, improvements to the video wall designer tool, and new workflows in the element editor.

Flexible screen setup

Viz Multiplay 2.4 greatly improves the different screen configurations that can be driven by a single Viz Engine. By using one or more Datapath Fx4 Display Wall Controllers, any number of outputs can be combined, cropped, scaled or rotated. The wall configuration is then imported into Viz Multiplay to help the preset designer create different wall layouts.

Video wall designer improvements

The video wall designer is the built-in tool for creating video wall layouts and designs to match the physical video wall configuration. The video wall designer has been improved to offer greater flexibility in the screen design and set up. Designers are provided greater accuracy in the design with the ability to use pixels instead of percentages. Improvements have been made to easily force an aspect ratio of a graphics channel, duplicate graphics channels, and easily snap to other graphics channels. Keyboard shortcuts have also been added to the video wall designer to speed up the design process.

New Element editor workflows

The Element editor allows users to manage elements imported into Viz Multiplay and to add elements based upon templates. The element editor has been given greater customization capability with the ability to add custom layouts using HTML/CSS. User can also now browse data feeds to fetch relevant data for graphics. Additionally, support for maps from Viz World has been implemented.

Other new features

  • Video clips can now have a mix transition (fade).

For a full list of new features, see the Viz Multiplay 2.4 user’s guide in the Documentation Center.

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