Viz Multiplay 2.5

The latest version of Vizrt’s multi-screen control system, Viz Multiplay 2.5, has been released featuring numerous usability improvements and easier access to graphics.

Import graphics

In Viz Multiplay 2.5 graphics are now even easier to access. Graphics can be aired seconds after the designer creates them in Viz Artist. Leaving the Viz Multiplay GUI is not required. Viz scenes can be imported directly from the Graphic Hub in a few mouse clicks. The data can then be edited and played out instantly.

Grid view in Filled Preset Editor

Sometimes two GFX channels are placed on top of each other. For example with a clip in the background and some graphics on top. The filled preset editor now has a new view mode where all the GFX channels appear in a grid. This is also handy when a GFX channel currently is outside the view. Holding down SHIFT reveals the channel number.

Shortcuts per Workspace

When organizing the GUI in separate workspaces—for example when controlling more than one video wall from the same GUI—the shortcuts bar can now be customized to show only the relevant shortcuts for the workspace. Each workspace can specify which shortcut groups are visible so the operator always has relevant items in the GUI.

Program channel lock and buttons

Each channel can be locked by clicking the lock symbol. This has many advantages. For example, if a GFX channel contains content that should stay on air, a lock would prevent the operator from making any changes it. It may be a background image that should be left untouched or perhpas some graphics that have continue points, where others do not.

The Continue and Out buttons can now also have different relative size, further preventing the operator from making mistakes under stress.

Keyboard shortcuts

More keyboard shortcuts have been added to control playout from Viz Multiplay: Take Selected, Take All Armed, Unarm All and Out All. A visual indication appears for keyboard shortcuts requiring two keystrokes, for example when typing t for Take followed by the channel number. A keyboard shortcut cheat sheet has been added to the main window.

Renderer resources

The loaded status of graphics is now displayed for each element in the interface. This gives the user a clear indication of whether the graphics are playable instantly or if they must be loaded into the memory of the renderer. It is possible to initialize (load) single graphic elements on the renderer. Also, video thumbnails in the Armed column now show whether the clip is prepared in the renderer and ready to be played out.

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