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Viz Multiplay 2.6

Vizrt’s multi-screen control system, is released with media looping, program-preview transition, and several usability improvements.

20 Sep 2019

Media looping

Auto-playlist is a quick way to play out media elements automatically in succession. This is useful for looping media on the video wall. Media elements can be edited, removed and added while the carousel is playing.

Program-Preview Transition

Similar to a Vision Mixer (switcher) workflow, operators often want to toggle between program and preview content. With the new Program-Preview Transition they can prepare a set of media elements in the Armed column and do the transition to the Program column, and also transition the Program content back to the Armed column. The transition can be done per channel or for all channels together.

Clip thumbnail adjustment

This is especially useful when preparing segments from a single clip. You can now identify individual clips faster in the GUI. The first frame of the clip segment is automatically used as the thumbnail. There is also a new poster frame button in the video editor to set another frame as the thumbnail.

Resource loaded indicator added

A status indicator is added to show when resources are loaded into the Viz Engine. Pre-loading resources (a.k.a. initializing) is essential to ensure graphics are played instantly and smoothly. Click the Initialize button to pre-load resources. The Initialize button includes a progress bar with different color codes indicating the status.

Improved graphics search

It is now possible to search a scene tree when importing graphics into Viz Multiplay. This makes it easier to locate graphics used for a specific show.

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