Viz One 6.1

The latest version of Vizrt’s media asset management system includes a new smart transfer system, optimized search for millions of assets, and extended media support.

Viz One 6.1 is released today featuring support for the all new smart transfer system. The new smart transfer system extends Viz One with higher resource efficiency and increased automation to make a significant improvement for handling large amount of media in your organization.

Smarter Transfer System

The new smart transfer system adds optimized restore decision for tape libraries. This can save up to 10x in restore time for common restore scenarios. Viz One also now supports the latest version of IBM Spectrum ProtectTM (formerly known as TSM 8.1). The new transfer system introduces group-based storage quotas. This enables different production teams to work on the same system without using up each other's resources. Administrators have fine-grained control over how different groups should use the available storage.

The transfer system also now supports automatically playout staging of media to multiple tiers of storage with different timings. This increases the effectiveness of the automatic playout staging to directly align with the customers’ business requirements. The new transfer system makes it possible to send stories across different sites, and transfer the result of a story conform directly into a new item on another site. The transfer interface in Studio has been improved with more fine-grained filters to manage a vast amount of transfers. Last, but not least, the new transfer system introduces a new, more compact transfer history representation, enabling long-term storage of detailed storage usage.

Optimizing Search for Millions of Assets

The search engine has been optimized for large datasets with multiple millions of asset. This improves the responsiveness and user experience of working with these large systems. The search system has also been improved with a more interactive thesaurus. Thesauri are very useful for searching in larger collections of assets. However, a drawback has always been maintaining the actual thesaurus itself and allowing it to grow to cover the entire collection of assets. The new thesaurus features allow users to make changes to an existing thesaurus to keep it relevant, while providing managers with review functionality to keep it consistent.


Extended Media Support

The proxy media used for 50p and 60p (4k) is now frame accurate. The audio tracks for Viz One items with multichannel audio can now be edited in Viz Story.

Granular Metadata Events of the API

The Viz One API now supports granular metadata events. Developers can receive detailed events when metadata is changed or added to assets to power external workflows and logic.

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