Viz One 6.1.2

Viz One 6.1.2 is a maintenance release for Viz One 6.1.

Important fixes included in this release:

  • Studio Conform: names which start with two dash characters wind up being renamed with underscores 
  • Create Log Entries button duplicates entries in the existing Dixon log track 
  • Auxiliary file upload take long time to import or sometime not imported at all Pilot Edge cannot talk to Viz One server since server responds with 400 Bad Request when receiving an OPTIONS /third party request. 
  • Incorrect Content-Type header given in 3dp API response
  • When invoking a javascript action, the hrefs array in the context object is not populated
  • Relation tab have no relations display after deployed tape vaulting package into Viz One
  • Uningest process stops if the file is transferring

Refer to the 6.1.2 Release Notes on the Vizrt ftp for more information.

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