Viz One 6.3.0 and Studio 6.3.0

Viz One 6.3.0 and Studio 6.3.0 are new releases of Vizrt’s media asset management system. The focus on this release has been primarily on video formats and cloud infrastructure.

5 Nov 2019

Vizrt announces the release of Viz One 6.3.0 which has been created to continue addressing market and customer needs in an ever-evolving media ecosystem. Some of the new key highlights this release brings are support for MPEG-DASH which provides extended hours for recording content. Other additional video formats have also been included in this release in order to continuously supporting the format used within broadcast workflows. Cloud infrastructure is becoming more utilized in the broadcast industry. Viz One will continue to expand on these services, so for Viz One 6.3.0 Microsoft Azure object storage is now supported as part of this release.

New Features


Viz One and Coder now support the creation of MPEG-DASH videos as the standard proxy format when ingesting media. This new format offers improved performance for playing and scrubbing video in Viz One Studio, providing an enhanced editing experience. This is especially useful when handling long, multi-hour files such as sports events.

MPEG-DASH videos can currently be played in Viz One Studio. Viz Easycut, Viz Precut and Logger will continue to use the MP4 and TS proxy formats.

Microsoft Azure Storage Support

Viz One 6.3 adds support for integrating with Azure Storage, a Microsoft-managed cloud storage service. Azure can be used as a permanent storage for media files, or as a central storage for video proxies. The integration supports

  • Basic store
  • Full and partial restore
  • Providing URLs for read-only access of proxy media
  • Delete

operations against Azure Storage.

Partial retrieval of archived media is currently only supported for the Hot and Cool tiers. For media that resides on the Archive tier, Viz One will always migrate the full file.

More Video Formats

Viz One 6.3 extends the range of supported video formats, including

  • H.264 video that has been recorded on mobile devices
  • H.264 video that has square or vertical aspect ratios
  • HEVC (H.265) video codec with any aspect ratio or resolution.


Storage configuration for Adobe Premiere integration

To assist with simplifying the integration between Viz One and Adobe Premiere Pro, some of the storage setup steps are now pre-configured in the installer.

Running multiple post-transfer plugins

When defining transfer rules, it is now possible to run multiple postprocess methods once a rule has been matched. This offers more options and a greater flexibility for the transfer logic.

Parallel processing in scamp

The performance of package management tool scamp has been improved so that the installation of new packages on systems with multiple hosts is now considerably faster.

For full release notes for Viz One please visit the Vizrt FTP and follow the path: products/VizOne/Latest Versions/Viz One.

For full release notes for Studio please visit the Vizrt FTP and follow the path: /products/VizOne/Latest Versions/Individual Installers and Docs/Studio