Viz Opus 1.2: The control room designed for multi-platform production

The latest version of Vizrt’s compact control room features a greater number of inputs and outputs for expanded productions.

Viz Opus workflow diagram

Viz Opus is a complete broadcast control solution running from a single system. It provides a newscast automation system, real-time graphics, and video playout – all in a single solution. The latest version – 1.2 – increases the broadcasters capabilities when using the system for adding additional video inputs and gives configurable options for video outputs including clean feeds for multiplatform production.

The new Viz Opus doubles the available video inputs to eight, allowing greater capacity for live production sources and clip channels. This is due to the use of the Matrox X.mio3 video card. These sources can be set a keyboard shortcuts for quick cuts or have transitions built in when taking each source.

Multiplatform production

The number of outputs for Viz Opus has also been doubled with an additional configurable output available. This can be configured to be a cleanfeed, meaning no graphics burned in, so that media asset management systems, such as Viz One can ingest the feed and convert to any size and format required for online and mobile device distribution. During the process each story is made available for video on demand and device adapted graphics are added for the new output formats.

When combined with Viz One’s transcoder, the clean feed from Viz Opus is transcoded in real-time for live streaming. Using the Meta-graphics workflow, graphics from the live show are also automatically added to clip’s timeline in the asset management system. This non-burnt in workflow allows the graphics to be edited until the moment they are sent to air or online.

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