Viz Opus 1.3

The latest version of Viz Opus is released with enhanced all-in-one functionality.

Integrated with all the required studio production capabilities, Viz Opus is now also bundled with additional components to ensure a complete workflow for your compact control room. Vizrt’s compact studio automation system has been updated with a number of new features to further improve functionality.

Easier installation and setup

Wizard-style utilities for allowing to configure the system to best fit an existing studio environment, or adapt to new production needs.

Standardized configurable video switching module

The new switcher scene is enhanced with additional capabilities, and is fully configurable to take full advantage of the new hardware capabilities.

Dynamic optimization of system resources

In a system that is an all-in-one, it is vital to use system resources in an optimized way. Additional logic was created to ensure that resources are used only when needed, making the system adapted to the changing needs of the various productions.

Clean and dirty feed support

A dual output configurations is available, allowing all elements apart from overlay graphics to be rendered as a separate output (clean feed). Another output that contains also the overlay graphics (dirty feed) is generated in parallel.

Enhanced integration within studio

The improved built-in switcher now supports also triggering of GPO tally lights.

Improved audio capabilities

The improved built-in switcher now supports audio mixing capabilities for embedded signals.

Installation Files and Further Information

Download installation files from the Vizrt FTP under products/VizOpus/Latest Version/.

For more information see the Viz Opus product page and the Viz Opus 1.3 documentation.

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