Viz Pilot 8.3 Release

The latest version of Viz Pilot is a product release that contains improvements on setup and maintenance as well as several bug fixes.

Viz Pilot is a template-based system for journalists to create, manage, and deliver high volumes of top-quality content. Journalists can plan news, sports, or election productions with state of the art graphics, animations, videos and images; all from an easy-to-use newsroom interface with live preview and a workflow allowing for last minute changes up until air time.

New improvements on Viz Pilot 8.3

  • Confirmation dialog added when overwriting shared scene information of a template
  • Entries in Viz Pilot DBA errlog table that are more than a week old are now deleted
  • The “Save image to file” in Viz Pilot News preview works
  • Changes to a MOS item will populate the relevant fields
  • Viz Pilot Director GPI triggering of macros is fixed, as is the issue with playlist:start_on_preview and playlist:continue_on_preview
  • Very large templates can now be saved to the Graphics Hub database

Additional bug fixes

For details, additional bug fixes and a list of other known bugs, please refer to the Viz Pilot 8.3 release notes on the FTP.

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