Viz Pilot Edge 1.1

The update includes a new timeline editor, new tools to manage data feeds, preview animations, and more.

Viz Pilot Edge 1.1 is the latest version of Vizrt’s powerful Browser-based newsroom client. The update includes a new timeline editor that takes advantage of the editing power of Viz Story to give an improved experience when working with graphics and video in a template.

New Feed Browser feature

Viz Pilot Edge includes the new Feed Browser tool. Feed Browser allows the user to link atom feeds to one or more fields inside a template. The user can browse external atom feeds in a user friendly way, without the need for scripting. Feed Browser can also be accessed from the PayloadHosting API.

More preview control

Viz Pilot edge’s preview window has been enhanced to give give users more control when previewing a graphics. If animations are present, the user is able to preview the animation either by using the timeline based upon absolute position, or by named positions such as tags or stop points.

Controlling search parameters

Users can now control the search parameters attributed to a template. This feature allows the user to set search phrases, tags, and date constraints for video, image, geometry and material fields. Controlling search parameters will also be possible from the PayloadHosting API.

Improved Timeline Editor

With Pilot Edge 1.1 a new version of the Timeline Editor is included. It contains various usability & performance improvements.

For more information read the Viz Pilot Edge 1.1 documentation.

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