Viz Pilot Edge 1.3

Viz Pilot Edge 1.3 is a minor release of Vizrt's html5-based newsroom web client.

New features

  • Adds support for cropping images
  • Introduces support for marking data elements as library items

Functionality removed or changed

  • Improved keyboard navigation in the "Find Media" and "Find Graphics" screens
  • Load Animation has been demoted to an experimental feature that is off by default and on if given URL parameter animatedpreview=true

Fixed Issues

  • Removed a couple of unnecessary white borders at different places in the user interface that would appear when navigating the application using the mouse in Internet Explorer
  • Media search can now be filtered by Media Status (failed, importing, online, etc.)
  • Template and element lists now handle the Enter key also in thumbnail mode
  • Fixed issue where the results in the media search sometimes would not be visible

Installation Files

Download installation files from

About Viz Pilot Edge

Viz Pilot Edge is an HTML5 based web client that fully supports native HTML newsroom components without the need of a local installation. An optional plugin allows Viz Pilot Edge to run on legacy NRCS systems that do not support native HTML5. Additionally, Viz Pilot Edge can be used in a browser without the need of an NRCS, allowing content to be prepared without a MOS-based workflow. This capability allows users to prepare elements or timelines to be used later.

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