Viz Pilot Edge 1.4

Viz Pilot Edge 1.4 is a minor release of Vizrt's HTML5-based newsroom web client.

23 Jul 2019

Viz Pilot Edge fully supports native HTML newsroom components without the need of a local installation. An optional plugin allows Viz Pilot Edge to run on legacy NRCS systems that do not support native HTML5.

Additionally, Viz Pilot Edge can be used in a browser without the need of an NRCS, allowing content to be prepared without a MOS-based workflow. This capability allows users to prepare elements or timelines to be used later.

New features

Viz Pilot Edge is an HTML based newsroom component, however, some newsroom systems only support Active X based plugins. To run Viz Pilot Edge on these systems, installation of Show Edge is required. When hosted from a Pilot Data Server the most up-to-date installer for Show Edge is now available at http://PILOT-EDGE-URL/ShowEdgeInstaller.exe .

The data element list now supports paging. When searching for data elements or data assets the first 100 results will be listed. There is a new "Show more" button at the bottom of the list that will load the next 100 (or all remaining if less than 100) items.

Fixed Issues

  • Previously, using Viz Pilot Edge in Non Linear Editing (NLE) mode, the OK button was disabled when opening a template. The OK button is no longer disabled for templates.
  • Previously, when trying to open another item after making changes to an open template and clicking save to the changes, Viz Pilot Edge lost track of which item to open. This has now been fixed and Viz Pilot Edge opens the requested item.
  • A graphic element edited in Viz Pilot Edge can now be previewed in Adobe Premiere Pro. Previously an error message appeared when trying to preview it.
  • When opening a corrupt item, the preview of the previously open item is no longer shown.
  • Many stabilization fixes for the experimental rich text editing feature.

Installation Files

Download installation files from and view the full release notes on the Vizrt FTP following the path: /products/VizPilotEdge/LatestVersion.