Viz Pilot Edge 1.6

This release introduces scenes to Template Builder

27 May 2020

Viz Pilot Edge 1.6 introduces scenes to Template Builder

Viz Pilot Edge is a template-based system for journalists to independently create, manage and deliver stories with graphics, video, stills and map content – all from the newsroom and integrated with their HTML5 native or even legacy NRCS.

Scenes in Template Builder

The latest release of Viz Pilot Edge introduces the possibility to add scenes to templates in Template Builder without the need to use Template Wizard. Users can create a new template in Template Builder, browse for scenes from Graphic Hub and add scenes to a template.

Full release notes are available on the Vizrt FTP at /products/VizPilotEdge/LatestVersion.

*Combo scenes and scenes with Transition Logic are not supported in this version