Viz Story 1.6

The latest version of Vizrt’s online video editing and publishing tool includes improved audio capabilities and usability enhancements.

Viz Story 1.6 is released today with several new features to improve the management of audio while editing. Viz Story allows media companies to quickly create compelling video stories with full real-time, state-of-the-art 3D graphics and immediately distribute to online and social media.

Improved Audio Capabilities

Viz Story 1.6 comes with improvements when working with audio, increasing usability and speed when creating a story.

Viz Story 1.6

Preview Audio: When selecting audio for your story, it is now possible to preview the audio in the same way that you can preview video source files. This makes it much easier to select the source audio file that you would like to use, mark in and out points and select a segment of audio from within the preview window to add to your story timeline.

Adding Audio Fades: You can now quickly add fade-in and fade out sections to your audio tracks through the right-click context menu, instead of manually adding and manipulating keyframes to each audio channel. You can add fades to one or all channels of an audio track.

Usability enhancements

Copy-and-Paste: Using standard keyboard controls [ctrl]+[c] and [ctrl]+[v] it is now possible to copy an item on the timeline, and place a copy of it elsewhere on your timeline (including the item properties such as duration) or even between stories. This enhances efficiency in editing when using the same image, graphic, filler or audio segment more than once within your story.

See the full release notes available at Additional documentation is bundled with the Viz Story 1.6 installer.

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