Viz Story 1.7.0

Viz Story 1.7 is a major leap forward in ease of setup and usability, and now offers in-product capability for users to publish directly to Facebook with minimal setup.

What’s New in Viz Story 1.7

Viz Story 1.7 is a major leap forward in ease of setup and usability, and now offers in-product capability for users to publish directly to Facebook with minimal setup.

Viz Story Administration:  Create, Clone, Edit and Configure Publishing Targets

Powerful tools are now available for Viz Story administrators, to help users get up and running quicker and provide much faster and efficient creation of publishing targets.  The wizard helps users get started, and they can simply select transcode profiles and formats and subtitle file generation or burn-in.

Advanced configuration options include control of publishing rules, management of metadata, and selection of an image overlays, meaning image files can easily be used to provide quick branded or versioning of videos with different logos or static graphics.

Publishing targets may be made active or inactive, so that user visibility of and access to them can be applied or removed as required.

Integrated Facebook Publishing

Viz Story now comes out-of-the-box with an easy to configure capability to publish to Facebook.  Add post titles and descriptions, post to timeline, post as draft, select a thumbnail for the video and choose whether to include subtitles as a side-car file or as burned-in graphics.

Each user must use their own Facebook logins, and can only post to pages that they have already been given permission to publish to within the Facebook platform.

Thumbnail Publishing

For publishing targets that support it, there is now the option to select a thumbnail to publish with a video, in the publishing workflow direct from Viz Story.  Users can select an image from the story timeline, or upload a different image.

Graphics Workflow Improvements

Vizrt has made the workflow easier and simpler for designers and administrators to understand and manage, particularly around applying multiple brands, aspect ratios and publishing variables.  A new Viz University course ‘Design for Viz Story’ is available now to support the Viz Story graphics workflow.

Working with Growing Files in Viz One

More and more Vizrt customers are using Viz Story to clip highlights from growing files as events happen live. Vizrt is continually working to improve the user experience and usability for this use case.  In Viz Story 1.7 enhancements to the source preview means the file grows automatically as you preview the live events.

Frame Accurate Editing - but now in a browser

Vizrt works continually to drive forward the quality and accuracy of products and user experiences.  While it can be complex to achieve frame-accurate video editing in a web browser, and few companies have mastered it, Vizrt has made significant improvement in the frame-accuracy of the editing experience within current limitations of browsers at the time of release.  Testing has confirmed 100% frame accuracy with common frame rates during the release process for Viz Story 1.7.

Usability Improvements

As with any Viz Story release, there is also an abundance of smaller improvements designed to make users lives easier and enhance the editing experience.  These include: source file preview experience, low bandwidth feedback, media loading status, search results settings, improved timeline zoom functionality, switch between displaying frames and timecode in the playhead, auto selection of the previewed publishing target in the publishing dialogue, 4:5 aspect ratio transcoding profile optimised for Instagram.

Administrators Guide

There is also now included an administrators guide to help make set up and maintenance of Viz Story easier.

Full details are available in the user guide and release notes. Further information is included with the Viz Story installer, available on the Vizrt FTP following the path: Products/VizStory/Latest Individual Installers