Viz Story 1.9.0

Viz Story 1.9.0 is a milestone release towards a fully integrated easy-edit solution with Viz One.

24 Feb 2020

Integration with Viz One

A new publishing target type of ‘Viz One’, means that with just a few clicks, Viz Story can be configured to publish to Viz One.  This capability is backwards compatible to  Viz One Version 5.14


Publishing to Viz One enables some key new features.  Viz Story can now publish your story to Viz One, with Meta-graphics, which means that the graphics of the story can easily be changed or updated later, or even replaced completely by you or another user, and are not rendered, but displayed as a separate layer over the final video file.  This means it’s easy to version your story for another brand or department once your first version is complete.  Viz Story now has a fully bi-directional Meta-graphics workflow with Viz One, meaning that Viz Story can now read and save Meta-graphics to a Viz One Asset.

Publishing without Graphics

It is also now possible to publish a clean version of your story for any type of publishing target, so that the timeline is published, but no graphics are included in the final video file.


Viz Story 1.9 can be configured to run on HTTPS as well as HTTP. This enables future capabilities, such as the recording of voice-overs. It also maintains a fast and smooth performance of the editing user experience. 

Improved workflow for live ingest

When working with growing files in Viz One 6.3, Viz Story can now make use of MPEG-DASH for the preview video stream. MPEG-DASH remedies previous multi-channel audio limitations and improves stability and resilience in the workflow. The MPEG-DASH standard is much better suited for use in web browsers.

Updated User Training

Viz University now carries an updated ‘Viz Story Operation’ training course, showing all the latest features, and taking the user on a journey from uploading media, creating and editing stories, and publishing the final content.  

Full details are available in the user guide and release notes. Further information is included with the Viz Story installer, available on the Vizrt FTP following the path: Products/VizStory/Latest Individual Installers.