Viz Story 2.0

Release Overview

30 Jun 2020

Viz Story provides easy and feature rich browser-based video editing and publishing for content creators to quickly produce greater volumes of high quality, branded, visual based stories for broadcast and digital media delivery from anywhere.

Viz Story has simple but powerful editing tools but has been limited for organizations that need collaboration between editors and to deliver content for broadcast delivery. Viz Story 2.0 adds on from the 1.9 release to offer a comprehensive bi-directional integration with Viz One for enhanced live ingest, graphics, content aggregation, metadata association, and publishing to provide a compelling easy edit solution to work with Vizrt production workflow management.

Direct access to Viz One from within Viz Story enables targeted search and gathering of relevant media content. Users can search for media, log clips, edit video, pull select content from Viz One within Viz Story. Content creators utilize archive and incoming content for fast turnaround publishing to all types of media distribution.

Viz Story users can automatically access Viz One metadata forms to add metadata when publishing. Content edited in Viz Story can be indexed and tagged correctly and sent directly to Viz One for future re-use.

Content can be sent to Viz One with non-burned in graphics to change and re-use graphic elements across multiple different workflows to quickly re-version without full re-edits. Graphics can be easily changed, updated later, or even replaced completely to make versions of stories for other branding or departments.

Finished stories can be sent to Viz One placeholders for use in rundowns and playlists for use in broadcast programming.

Partial restore of content saved offline or in archive is automatically optimized to restore only relevant parts as quickly as possible to save time and resources which is particularly useful when working remotely.

Fast and easy audio editing capabilities in Viz Story works on all content, including archived content from Viz One.