Viz Trio 3.2

Operators of Vizrt’s character generator, Viz Trio, benefit from new import and export options as part of the version 3.2 release.

Viz Trio 3.2 is the latest version of Vizrt’s graphics and video control system for the control room and OB van. The update includes two new features for managing the import and export of graphics.

Import Viz Engine archives

Viz Trio 3.2 operators now have the option to import Viz Engine archives (.via files). In previous versions, only templates available in the Graphic Hub could be added to the Viz Trio playlist. The archive import feature allows the Viz Trio operator to import templates from any Viz Engine archive, greatly simplifying the import process. Scene changes in Viz Artist will trigger an automatic re-import of templates, ensuring the latest version is used. The template list shows progress of both the archive import and the template re-import process.

Exporting selected pages

Version 3.2 includes a new option to create a Viz Trio archive for only selected pages. This partial show archive allows the operator to take all the dependencies (templates, scenes and scripts) from one Viz Trio show and add them to another current Viz Trio show. This capability gives the operator greater flexibility in managing the pages they have on hand for a live production.

Additional features and fixed issues

For full details, installation notes and fixed issues, see the Viz Trio 3.2 release notes.Installation Files and Documentation

Download installation files from the Vizrt FTP in the /products/VizTrio/LatestVersion folder.

Please see the Viz Trio 3.2 User's Guide for more information.

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