Viz Trio 3.2.1

This is a minor maintenance release for Viz Trio.

The following fixes have been made:

  • Fixed that trio:takeout_last_taken_page causes an internal error when the last taken element was a template.
  • Fixed that exporting selected pages with missing template from a show causes an internal error.
  • Fixed that the OnRead script event was not triggered for template scripts if the template was read instead of a page for that template.
  • Pages that are lacking a template in the show now indicate an error message about the missing template.
  • When hovering the mouse over a combo template element a fix now means that name and state are included in addition to description. 
  • Minor bug fixes with upgrade from older versions of Viz Trio.

Please find the release notes for more information on the Vizrt FTP following this path - Products/VizTrio/LatestVersions