ExciteM is an audience engagement and interaction platform that integrates with the Vizrt Social TV Solution. The integration allows broadcasters to create live polls and gather feedback from their audience and have the content displayed on-air in real-time. ExciteM's advanced analytics allow you to breakdown demographics to get a better understand how a story is affecting the audience. ExciteM is a scalable and cost effective interactive TV platform that is already in use by some of the largest TV and radio stations in the US. It's entirely web-based, takes minutes to setup, and requires no special equipment. By keeping the system "in the cloud", it eliminate the need for consultants and IT specialists. 

"ExciteM was founded to empower producers to make their shows truly interactive while reducing workflows. In real-time, it captures engagement across a variety of channels from Facebook, Twitter, Web, second screen apps, and live participation (through phone). And with a deep integration with Vizrt Social TV Solution, it literately takes less than ten-seconds to make any show interactive in real-time" Said Belal Hummadi Founder at ExciteM.

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