With the partnership between Vizrt and, broadcasters now have the tools to embrace user generated social content and integrate it easily, flexibly, and seamlessly within Vizrt graphics and multiplatform distribution workflows. Together, Vizrt and—the world leader in social TV solutions—are bringing to market an unmatched end-to-end solution for merging social media into the existing automated broadcast production pipeline.

With technology, broadcasters can harvest, filter, monitor and approve —Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos and videos and poll data, as well as 3rd party data feeds using simple XML API’s — all kinds of content cascading from the many new social media platforms. They can build playlists, data counts, word clouds, or carousels of selected social content they want to push to air.’s new user interface, STORY, empowers broadcasters with secure editorial control over what social media content they aggregate, post, use on-air or publish to digital destinations.


STORY is the latest management platform from, designed for news journalists, sports or entertainment producers as well as brands looking to bring dynamic and social interaction into advertising spots. It was also built with the strong belief that one need not be a technical wizard in order to create and manage social TV. STORY can publish to multiple destinations including web, mobile, apps and leading broadcast graphics systems such as Vizrt as well as receiving traditional broadcast triggers for 3rd party synchronisation via’s DCS automation tool. What the market needs today is a product that guides you through the necessary steps for researching, formatting and publishing social segments in an intuitive way, hiding all underlying technological complexities. This is precisely what STORY achieves.

Social TV

Social media data and 3rd party data from also integrates with the Vizrt Social TV solution. Enabling broadcasters to use their current infrastructure and user flows, requiring  minimal staff training by allowing producers to harvest, moderate and create Social Media related content from STORY and then publish in the same tools and workflow they would for any other content; and operators continue to access and control this content in a unified rundown, as well as allowing graphic departments to reutilize all the tools and assets available in the Vizrt's graphics engine. Viz Trio and Viz Pilot display the content visually with word clouds, maps, fullscreen and lower 3rd messages, and virtually any other design. Viz Virtual Studio can incorporate social content into immersive 3D sets. And Viz Ticker can scroll the information across the screen.


Founded in 1999 offers a range of social TV toolkits for broadcasters and ad agencies to create forms of tv engagement for live and pre-recorded programming and adverts.

Its most popular platform is STORY which has been specifically designed for news, entertainment, sports producers and ad agencies tasked with creating social elements for on-air events

Story’s easy-to-use visual interface allows content producers and agencies to intuitively gather, manage and insert social content into programming and advertising by aggregating user-generated and geo-located content from all major social media sites directly

Additionally, Story can drive companion apps that enable viewers to interact with their televisions and adverts using an iPad, tablet, PC or smartphone

All viewer interactions are high trackable and can generate valuable consumer insight and behavioural data has a diverse international customer base including global brands such as Sky, Al Jazeera, CBC, Fox Sports, NBC Universal, SMV, MBC, MTG, QVC, SMG, Sprint, TV 2, Televisa, SWR, TVNZ, Univision, Viacom and Viasat

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