Vizrt and Vizzion partner for live global traffic camera feeds

Vizrt and Vizzion partner for live global traffic camera feeds

Vizrt has partnered with Vizzion, the leader in traffic camera services. The partnership provides access to live camera streams from Vizzion directly into Viz World for augmenting any news, weather, and traffic report.

Live traffic cameras are a key part of any traffic report and are also essential for any local weather coverage. Vizzion provides data from over 35,000 traffic cameras in 25 countries worldwide to the broadcast, web, mobile, automotive, fleet management, and public safety industries.  With authorization from more than 150 different public and private transport agencies in North America, South America, Europe, Australasia, and Asia, Vizzion is the largest aggregator of traffic cameras worldwide.

“Traffic cameras display real-time traffic and weather conditions which allow viewers to make informed decisions, save time, and travel safer. Vizrt is an invaluable partner in bringing the benefits of traffic cameras to millions of households worldwide.”  Vizzion President Chris Cooper.

Vizzion provides an xml service that integrates live camera feeds directly into Viz World. The cameras are streamed live based on your location and zoom level and can easily be added to any news, weather, or traffic presentation.

Viz World is a complete 3D real-time mapping system and the broadcast industry’s standard for the creation of branded maps and geographic animations. It includes a comprehensive database of the world as well as digital elevation model data for the creation of 3D terrains, and additional vector data such as street data and high-resolution satellite imagery is available in a variety of resolutions.

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