Making Internal Communications More Engaging with Video

Making Internal Communications More Engaging with Video

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Making Internal Communications More Engaging with Video

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Today, when it comes to effective communication in modern corporations, video leads.

Watch this webinar to discover how to create captivating company presentations and internal events that truly engage employees.

Richard Evans, Video Producer, and Lennie Nelson, Studio Lead, at Vizrt, will take you through a real-world example of a successful internal hybrid corporate event. We’re going to feature our very own One Vizion Summit, a three-day onsite conference attended by over 200 employees in person and hundreds more participating, globally, and online through live streaming. You will also get to know how we are using our own technology to conduct successful webinars, training sessions, and local and global town halls, and produce a range of video content regularly.

In this session, you will gain valuable insights into the latest video technologies and techniques that enable organizations to:

  • Tell more captivating stories with real-time and interactive graphics, lower-third titles, virtual sets, augmented reality objects, video playbacks, and other dynamic visual effects.
  • Deliver seamless and effective internal updates like corporate town halls, CEO presentations, and sales events that drive greater engagement.
  • Host virtual or hybrid internal events that ensure remote employees feel equally included as those physically present in the room.
  • Capture every moment using a multi-camera setup and switch between shots to highlight core messages and key presenters.
  • Stream and record your team meetings and other important company events, making them available on demand for viewing anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Simultaneously publish video content to any platform in different formats, resolutions, and aspect ratios online or in a venue.
  • Manage video production in-house with flexible and scalable AV over IP tools and workflows.
  • Bring in remote speakers from anywhere in the world.

Learn how you can deliver effective, meaningful, and memorable internal video communications that will transform the employee experience within your organization and foster a positive workplace environment.

Customer Testimonials

Enhancing Corporate Communications with Video

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The importance of video in internal communications

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“When running a global company, you need to interact with all your employees. The most efficient way of interacting is obviously face-to-face. That’s not possible if you’re running a global organization because of sustainability, cost and efficiency issues. The second best is video. A really good in-house video production can actually help you reach out almost like you were in person. So that’s why it’s important for us, and we use it frequently when it comes to communicating and delivering messages whether it’s about our corporate goals and objectives, launching a new product or whatever it is. We use video to enhance our storytelling when we talk to our employees. It is as important as when we talk with an external audience. Video is the most efficient way of communicating. Video is crucial. And I believe we will use it more and more as we move into the future.”

Michael Hallén, CEO, Vizrt

“Everybody is used to seeing polished video today. You see it on television and social media channels. And this has become what people expect. So, when you are producing content, even for internal communications, you do need to make sure that there is a certain level of quality to the content to help engage the viewers. If you think about your employees, they are the same people that are going to be watching content at home. You need to engage them the same way as your customers, because internally, your employees are also a bit of your customer for your message. As the Head of Brand and Communications, I’m looking at how our brand is represented externally, but we also have to think about the fact that every employee within the organization is a brand ambassador. We need to make sure that everyone understands the thoughts and the vision of the organization. And video is the key to being able to achieve that.”

Chris Black, Head of Brand and Communications, Vizrt

“We are a globally dispersed company with a lot of remote workers. The added benefit of video is a really great tool to properly engage our employee base with leadership messaging and internal communications. We use video constantly as a company, and it’s really important to engage with employees this way in order to have that connection in a virtual messaging world. For a corporate event like the One Vizion Summit, to be able to reach the entire organization even though we can’t get everyone in the room is super important. It means everyone feels included. Everyone gets the message. Everyone can ask questions. It gives a lot of opportunities for engagement, no matter where people are in the world. We have an annual employee engagement survey where we have seen measurable increases in employee engagement since we started using video more and more in our internal communications.”

Catherine Webb, Corporate Communications Lead, Vizrt

“It’s really important that our entire company hears the messages that come from our CEO and our leadership teams. We have a very discerning audience in our company. They interact with the biggest broadcasters in the world that produce graphics and elements for the biggest events. And so, when we put our own event on, they expect that level of production. We couldn’t just show up with a computer and put a PowerPoint out and have people watch that. We have to add some dynamic media to it. Having things like video playback, graphics, lower-third titles, all the things that our company tells every customer of ours to expect, we do that. We make tools for storytellers, and we need to be storytellers ourselves. It’s really important because every business out there needs to be using video not just to do advertising or to do social media, but to communicate with their internal stakeholders as well. And it can’t just be once in a while, it’s a constant process. We do things like webinars all the time, and sometimes those are internal, and sometimes we do broadcast those to the public world. We do training sessions. We do training videos. These are all the video pieces that a company has to make. And whether they choose to bring someone in internally or contract with an external service provider, the fact of the matter is if you’re not doing video as a company, you’re falling behind because that’s how your customers are going to consume your content.”

Lennie Nelson, Studio Lead, Vizrt

Watch the webinar sessions on demand!


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