Vizrt products support Apple Final Cut Pro X and Apple Final Cut Pro 7. With Apple Final Cut Pro X, editors can use Viz One to access and share media and metadata from our easy-to-use, web-based interface. With Apple Final Cut Pro 7, editors can both access and share media and metadata as well as as control graphics templates from within the NLE.

Viz Engine

With our video effect plug­in for Final Cut Pro, journalists and graphics artists gain access to one of the world’s most powerful rendering engines – the Viz Engine. Adding Vizrt graphics is as easy as dragging a Vizrt effect to your project, and selecting which template and data to use. During rendering, graphics are fetched from the Viz Engine, and a finished flattened file is created.

Viz One

With Viz One editors can access and share media and metadata easily. All your media and metadata can be opened in Final Cut Pro X by the click of a button. Files do not need to be transferred to the edit station but can directly be edited in place. Finished projects can be saved to Viz One or sent directly to the control room by simple drag and drop. Projects can also be pre-edited using our proxy tools Precut and Easycut. This allows journalists to pre-edit from their desktops while media is ingesting or is in a deeper archive.

The complete Viz One file-based production workflow supports Apple ProRes™ file formats; ProRes 4444 (including alpha), ProRes 422 (HQ), ProRes 422, ProRes 422 (LT), and ProRes 422 (Proxy). This allows complete production in ProRes. Viz One also supports Apple Final Cut Pro 7.

nablet-Vizrt MXF Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

The plugin by nablet allows both Apple Final Cut Pro X and 7 to playback MXF-files natively and includes a VXF Player that can be used to quickly open MXF files for playback. The MXF plugin allows opening and playback of MXF files OP1-a also inside other applications that use Quicktime, and plays them back even as they are growing.

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