The integration allows projects from CINEMA 4D to be directly imported into Viz Artist.


Vizrt’s integration with MAXON’s 3D modeling, painting, rendering, and animation software, CINEMA 4D, allows projects from CINEMA 4D to directly import into Viz Artist. Included is CINEWARE, MAXON’s new live link update tool. The integration is now available to customers with Viz Engine and Viz Artist version 3.7.0.

“This is the most complete import of geometries, lights and animations into Viz Artist and Viz Engine from any 3D modeling package,” said Gerhard Lang, Chief Engineering Officer at Vizrt. “CINEMA 4D scenes import directly into Viz Artist without the need for CINEMA 4D installation on the Viz Artist workstation. 3D objects import either as their direct primitive object counterpart in Viz Artist or as meshes.”

CINEWARE, the new live link update tool integrates into Viz Artist, allowing designers to make changes to a scene in CINEMA 4D and see them update live when Viz Artist is set to on-air mode. CINEWARE updates objects as well as container properties such as position and scaling.

“As a 3D manufacturer with a strong focus on the broadcast market, we are very excited to partner with one of the most renowned and innovative players in this industry,” said Oliver Meiseberg, product manager at MAXON Computer GmbH. “Our collaboration with the teams at Vizrt was very enjoyable and efficient, and we are very excited to deliver a ground-breaking new workflow experience to Vizrt artists with the new live link to CINEMA 4D.”

“MAXON provided a very good SDK (software developer kit) that we were able to easily integrate with. They have been an excellent partner while developing the new integration,” added Lang.