Real-time design tool

Viz Artist is a powerful graphics design tool that supports a range of production use cases including live motion graphics, virtual sets, augmented reality, and complex 3D animations. Offering an advanced toolset, Viz Artist creates scenes, templates, and packages for other Vizrt applications to maximize creativity and deliver stronger audience engagement through immersive viewer experiences for all types of programs.

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  • 01.Design scenes and make them accessible in other Vizrt applications
  • 02.Create data driven graphics scenes to enhance news and sports stories
  • 03.Integrate video clips as part of a scene, or as textures mapped on geometry

Key features of Viz Artist

  • Real-time project building
  • 3D and 2D design
  • 3rd party graphics integration
  • Multiple output formats for various screen types
  • DVE
  • Built-in spline editor for full animation control
  • Advanced font style handling
  • GEO Data integration
  • VB project level scripting
  • Asset database and project management
  • Timeline-based audio
  • Powerful plug-in API
  • Full scene anti-aliasing
  • Blending modes and masking
  • Shader support for advanced textures and effects
  • Post-processing effects
  • Advanced lens distortion support
  • Up to 16 graphics channels
  • Real-time Global Illumination

Viz Artist creates everything from basic lower third titles and simple design packages up to photorealistic virtual sets and stunning augmented reality objects for all types of media production environments. This single application provides a data harvesting, data visualization, motion design, branding, and advanced 3D graphics toolset.

Viz Artist releases designers from repetitive graphics creation and gives them complete freedom to concentrate on the creative side of their work. It could be designing an original graphic for a breaking news story or designing an innovative election project. Because Viz Artist is real-time and easy to use, projects are completed quickly in time for live programs.

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Viz Artist in Residence

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  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Storytelling
Congratulations Johannes Skoog!
2021 Viz Artist in Residence
Humans have long understood that knowledge is more easily shared and readily retained when words are combined with pictures. More stories are better told when illustrated.
Viz Engine and Viz Artist are the pinnacle of software-defined visual storytelling video tools, providing creatives the ability to excite audiences with stunningly beautiful graphics in real-time.
In recognition of the highly skilled artists who produce outstanding video content, we are pleased to introduce the Viz Artist in Residence program to celebrate and showcase the wealth of innovative creative talent currently utilizing Vizrt graphics solutions.

Working with the passionate people who are at the forefront of live production graphics innovation, the winner of the Viz Artist In Residence program will be provided with unparalleled opportunities and the support required to take their talents, skills, and career to new heights. Our winner will be the creative who impresses our panel of expert judges the most, with their understanding of scene architecture, creative flair, storytelling craft, use of data integration and workflow experience.

Steve Wind-MozleyChief Marketing Officer of the Vizrt Group


Viz Engine 4.3

July 23, 2021: Viz Engine is today’s most powerful compositing and real-time 3D rendering platform – and it just got better. This major release brings functionality for graphics use-cases to perfection, simplifies and speeds up everyday workflows, and supercharges your real-time capabilities.