Design in real-time

Viz Artist covers all areas of today’s broadcast graphics. It enables designers to build complete virtual sets as well as complex 3D animations. It even makes bread-and-butter tasks, such as building geometry and creating fonts for lower third graphics, more efficient. Add to that full support for maps and video and you have a system that takes care of all your design needs.

Key features of Viz Artist

  • Real-time 3D animation tool
  • 3rd party graphic integration
  • Advanced font style handling
  • GEO Data integration
  • VB project level scripting
  • Timeline-based audio
  • Powerful plug-in API
  • Full scene anti-aliasing
  • Blending modes and mask
  • Advanced lens distortion support

Design with speed

Viz Artist releases designers from repetitive graphics creation and gives them complete freedom to concentrate on the creative side of their work. It could be designing an original graphic for a breaking news story, or designing an innovative election project. Because Viz Artist is real-time and easy to use, projects are completed quickly in time for the live broadcast.

Video & Clips


Viz Artist fully supports video as part of the creation process. Videos can be used as part of a scene, or as textures mapped on geometry using UV coordinates. Viz Artist is able to integrate clips of any resolution or live streaming video as part of the scene design.

Open for other formats


Viz Artist has the ability to import models from other 3D packages. It supports files from all major 3D modeling applications. It accepts the majority of these formats' geometry parameters, such as reference to textures, texture mapping coordinates, smoothing groups, materials, and lighting.

Graphics database


Viz Artist comes with an integrated multi-user database that serves as the central point for storing all assets. This asset management database provides efficient and secure file-handling. Art Directors can better manage and keep organized the graphic assets, and use the Graphic Hub manager to deploy projects to any location on the network. Company-wide changes in branding, such as new fonts or textures can be accomplished by editing a single element. Changes will translate to projects and assets associated with that element or style. All objects keep track of their references under all circumstances.

Project Management

Viz Artist offers great flexibility when it comes to organizing references. Scenes, including all their relevant references, can be arranged in different projects. Complex scenes often contain many image, object, clip, and font references. These references are registered in Graphic Hub and can be easily searched for using any of their properties. All elements necessary for handling complex designs are accessible from one place.

Native support for Substance Materials

The Substance Shader plugin (license required) for Viz Artist brings the power of Allegorithmic Substances to Viz Engine. Substances are used to generate high-quality textures and allow artists to tweak the look of the resulting textures in real-time. And Cinema4D LiveLink integration allows designers to import their projects into Viz Engine and modify them in real-time.

  • 01.Create everything from simple design packages up to photorealistic sets and/or stunning augmented reality objects for studio or live environments
  • 02.Powerful scripting capabilities for advanced scene logic as well the ability to write custom plugins to solve specific design or workflow challenges in an efficient manner
  • 03.Design scenes and make them easily accessible as templates in other Vizrt applications for journalists, production staff, and for online story creation

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Powerful features

A data harvesting & visualization tool. A motion design tool. A branding tool. An advanced 3D graphics tool. A design tool to tell amazing informative stories. If you are a designer who loves technology and media, Viz Artist is the only tool you will ever need. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Team of Mediacorp Graphics Artists successfully complete Vizrt’s Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer exam

  • Graphic Artists8
  • Assignments5
  • Days to complete30

Singapore-based media and entertainment company, Mediacorp, has announced that eight of their graphic artists are now fully accredited Pro Viz Artist Designers having successfully completed their Vizrt Artist Designer Certification course.

Mediacorp has been a long-time customer of Vizrt, the leader in powerful visual storytelling tools for the digital media industry, and both companies share a belief that staff training is an integral part of a company’s success.

We’re very proud of the achievement from our graphic designers as it highlights their skillset and commitment to keeping up to date with the capabilities of Vizrt software. Completing the certification was no easy task as they did this concurrently with the daily news requirements demanded of them. The assignments were challenging at times, with the added pressure of time constraints, but the designers enjoyed the experience, giving them the chance to demonstrate their creativity and expand their knowledge.

Deborah StraffordSenior Creative Director at Channel NewsAsia


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