TriCaster® Mini X
TriCaster® Mini X

TriCaster® Mini X

Professional Video Production Possible For All

Freedom in Live Production

TriCaster® Mini X gives producers at any level the freedom to create and share video wherever and whenever they want using anything from a smartphone to a 4K camera – truly demonstrating the power of software-defined visual storytelling.

Accessibility, Unlocked

Bringing the possibilities of professional live video production to anyone with a story to tell – without vast investments in infrastructure.

Flexibility, Attained

Off-the-shelf HDMI devices connect directly to the Mini X in minutes creating professional-level productions without having to purchase any new equipment.

Scalability, Achieved

As part of the NewTek ecosystem of products, users can take advantage of the many ways to scale up their productions to suit any need.

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TC Mini-X bundle

Professionalism in Live Production

Easy to set-up and with hundreds of capabilities, TriCaster Mini X puts expert tools at your fingertips, without you having to be a production expert.

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TriCaster® Mini X Product Guide

Live Link for TriCaster

Live Link allows users to render web pages directly into the TriCaster and pull any web page elements into a production without the need for a 3rd party application. From graphics or images on a web page to videos from your organization’s internal training platforms – Live Link offers the ultimate in production agility and freedom. Available now on all current TriCasters – ensure you have the very latest update to take advantage of this exciting new feature.

Tell Your Story Better Than Ever

Storytellers should be able to concentrate on telling the story and the TriCaster Mini X offers all the tools for producers to do that, right at their desks. Video switching, media playback, virtual sets, ability to add graphics, record, stream, and much more

Explore All The Features

All You Need And More – In One Place

The TriCaster Mini X continues the all-in-one desktop form factor of the TriCaster Mini with increased power and capabilities, including access to 8 external sources with 4 integrated HDMI inputs and supporting modern resolutions up to 4Kp30.