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Viz One

Viz One is a centralized and scalable platform to ingest, manage, edit, and deliver content effortlessly and cost-effectively.

Viz One

Viz One is a centralized and scalable platform to ingest, manage, edit, and deliver content effortlessly and cost-effectively. 

The definitive manager for production workflows

Viz One provides broadcasters, sports leagues, and other content creators with all the tools, workflows, and flexibility they need to take control of all their media assets. Enabling truly end-to-end media asset management, Viz One consolidates all your previously discrete media asset management tasks into one unified, easily managed system, making it easy to ingest, discover, edit, distribute, and archive your valuable content. 

  • Find media easily
  • Move media automatically
  • Keep media organized
  • Control media rights
  • Integrate easily with systems
  • Track production
  • Easily extend storage
  • Built-in proxy editing
  • Customize metadata and workflows
  • Improve collaboration and efficiency
  • Manage millions of files
  • Host on-premise or as hybrid cloud
The ability to search and to pull back content is important. Viz One is a key function for our journalism teams… Jean-Louis “JL” Açafrão, General Manager of Technology at TVNZ

Your behind-the-scenes media workhorse

Viz One is the backbone of many leading broadcaster’s content production workflows, the unsung hero that makes bringing content to air, possible. 

From ingest to archive and everything in between, Viz One makes it possible to import live feeds and files, manually and automatically enrich content with detailed metadata for rapid search and discovery, edit and produce content directly in a browser or within Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer, and to automatically distribute and archive content to your on-premises and cloud-based storage. 

Hosted on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution, Viz One integrates easily with all your Vizrt and 3rd party systems with its extensive set of APIs, enables tight control over media rights and user access, reduces human workloads and human error by automating mundane and repetitive tasks, and improves content production and collaboration. 

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End-to-End Workflows
Connecting all your discrete production tasks into one


Ingest anything, anywhere 

Whether it’s live sports or news feeds, or any kind of file format, Viz One makes it easy to ingest all your content, making it readily available to all who need access. 

Viz Channel Branding - Basic Workflow

Get content into the system

Supporting multiple file types, video formats, and live streams, Viz One’s dedicated Ingest and Importer applications provide a straightforward way for anyone to get content into the system, attribute relevant metadata, and automatically trigger workflows relevant to the media being ingested. 

Popular Features:

Live ingest

Perfect for sports, news interviews, and any other situation where content creators need access to the action as it unfolds, Viz One makes it easy to ingest live streams and makes them available in near real-time, so journalists and editors don’t have to wait around to craft their content. 

Extensive file format support 

Providing support for multiple file formats for video, audio, images, documents, and subtitles, Viz One ensures your content can be safely and easily ingested into the system. SD and HD video file formats including MXF, DV, AVC, ProRes, DNx, IMX, Matrox, and H.264 and many more are supported. 

IP stream support 

Offering native integration with NDI®, Viz One enables easy ingest of all your NDI streams. 


Metadata Enrichment

Your valuable content is useless if it can’t be found, so Viz One makes it easy to enrich all your assets with detailed metadata, so you can quickly find it now and in the future. 

Easily Discoverable

With dedicated manual logging interfaces, automated metadata creation using AI, and API integrations with EPG, traffic systems, sports data feeds, and more, Viz One ensures your assets are enriched with all the metadata you need to make them easily discoverable. 

Popular Features:

Dedicated logging interfaces 

The Viz One: Logger and Viz One: Studio components enable rapid manual logging of relevant metadata. Different metadata forms and views for different types of content ensure only the relevant metadata is logged, while permission settings restrict user access so only those who need access have it. Multiple logtrack types make it easy to log specific metadata, such as logging for quality control, governance, and more. 

Automate with AI 

Whether it’s speech-to-text or object recognition, Viz One can utilize various artificial intelligence (AI) services to completely automate the metadata enrichment process, saving countless hours of manual human metadata logging. 

Using AI metadata enrichment makes your archives far more easily discoverable, perfect for monetizing your old but valuable content. 

API integrations for 3rd party metadata 

Easily integrate with 3rd party systems to introduce relevant 3rd party metadata using Viz One’s flexible API. Whether it’s metadata from your traffic system, sports data feeds, election data feeds, EPG systems, and many more, Viz One has you covered. 


Search and Discover

Stop searching and start finding. With detailed metadata added on ingest, logged manually in Viz One: Logger, and added automatically using AI, Viz One: Studio makes it easy to quickly find the exact assets you need in seconds. 

Drill Down

Use text searches, drill down using search facets, view your search history, and look through your saved searches rapidly narrow down millions of assets to just those you need. 

Popular Features:

Search through millions of assets in seconds 

Searching in Viz One looks through all available metadata to help you discover what you need. Whether the information is stored in the filename, file details, transcriptions/subtitles, or logtracks, Viz One will help you find it. 

Using AI metadata enrichment makes your archives far more easily discoverable, perfect for monetizing your old but valuable content. 

Autocomplete your search queries 

Just like a Google search, Viz One shows you suggested search terms as you type, saving time and helping you discover content. 

Search profiles for different user types 

User profiles restrict users to only content they are allowed to see, increasing content security and saving users’ time by avoiding interacting with irrelevant assets. 


Editing Options

Viz One offers a wealth of editing options and functionality. Experienced editors can integrate Viz One directly with Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer, while journalists and social media teams can use Viz One: Story to quickly craft compelling videos in their browser from anywhere, with no NLE experience required. 


Viz One offers significant flexibility and customisable workflows, making it easy to edit original assets or high-res proxy videos, view metagraphics, edit remotely, and build out review and approval workflows as needed. 

Popular Features:

Browser-based easy editing with Viz Story 

Viz One: Story makes it easy for non-editors to craft compelling stories in minutes. Great for journalists and social teams to bring stories quickly to air, or for editors wanting to rough cut before switching to Premiere Pro or Avid for the final pass. 

Case study: Canais Global’s journalists and social media teams reduce workload by 5 hours by switching to Viz One: Story 

Adobe and Avid integrations 

With integrations directly into Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer, editors can search for and find the assets and EDLs they need to get editing, directly in their choice editing suite. Simply import assets and EDLs from the Viz One panel within the NLE to your timeline and get editing. 


Distribution and Archive

Distribute, monetize, and archive your content easily with Viz One. Automate playout to your channels and platforms, enable social media teams to publish directly to social platforms from Viz One: Story, and automatically archive content across multiple storage tiers and locations based on rules and workflows. 

Easily Retrieve

When needed, content can easily be retrieved on an ad-hoc basis by users, or automatically based on rules. 

Popular Features:

Distribute to social and other platforms 

Social media teams can use Viz One: Story to quickly craft and publish content for social media and other online channels, directly from the user interface. Content can be queued up for playout on selected channels in advance, with prioritization systems in place to ensure everything happens when it needs to. 

Using AI metadata enrichment makes your archives far more easily discoverable, perfect for monetizing your old but valuable content. 

Optimized for cloud storage 

Viz One has been optimized for use in the cloud, having achieved Foundational Technical Review (FTR) status with Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering a range of low-cost, high availability, and high redundancy archive storage tiers across geographically dispersed regions. 

Case study: How the PGA Tour use Viz One and AWS to manage a century’s worth of content. 

Easily manage multi-petabyte scale archives 

Viz One can easily manage archives multi-petabytes in scale. Set up rules and automation to move content in and out of archive across multiple storage tiers, on-premises and in the cloud. Reduce archive costs by automatically moving content to low-cost deep archive while enabling users to recall assets easily when needed 

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Case Study

How TVNZ produced its most-watched election ever

A whopping 1.4 million viewers – over 40% of the 3.5 million registered voters in New Zealand – tuned in to watch TVNZ’s coverage of the general election held in October 2023. 

While stunning graphics visually stole the show, Viz One powers the behind-the-scenes journalist workflows and is vital in preparing for and executing day-to-day coverage and major events. 

Learn how TVNZ uses Viz One to hold onto its position as New Zealand’s most-watched news channel. 

Consolidate your media operations

Viz One links previously discrete tasks such as ingest, editing, content management, branding and multi-channel delivery into seamless workflows that remove complexity, reduce the time needed to complete processes, minimize the incidence of error, and lower operating costs. Viz One is the only platform you’ll need to run your entire media organization, because it offers you a unified solution to consolidate all your media operations. 

Philipp Krispin, Director
All the tools you need to manage your media

All the tools you need to manage your media 

From a single clip store managing video and stills for playout, to a large enterprise system running on hundreds of servers handling news, archive, sports, program, promo, and online workflows. Viz One provides ingest, transcoding, editing, logging, content management, metadata, audit-trails, reporting, and much more. 

Viz One: Story enabled our journalists to create and publish over 32,000 stories in under 6 months.

Fadi Radi, former Chief Creative Office at Al Arabiya 

Open platform 

With open APIs for simplified integration with other applications and a powerful programming language ensures that Viz One will fit into your existing operations. By tightly integrating Viz One with other Vizrt and third-party software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer, you can be sure your teams will work more efficiently and produce content faster within one powerful and flexible solution. 

Philipp Krispin, Director
Philipp Krispin, Director

Deploy Viz One however you need it 

Viz One can be deployed wherever and however you want, whether that’s fully on-premises, a hybrid solution, or fully in the cloud. 

And you can change things up as you go. Deploy on-premises now, migrate your archive to cloud storage next year, and go fully cloud after that. Or don’t – it’s up to you! 

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Deep integration with Vizrt and 3rd party tools

As a software defined platform, Viz One includes a comprehensive feature set that easily connects with Vizrt and third-party applications and enables your creative teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively to produce content faster within a unified environment. 

Viz ONE IN The Cloud

VizrTV and SVG Mike Raimondo PGA

Creating new content now that live sports have been suspended.

VizrTV and SVG: Interview with Mike Raimondo of the PGA Tour

Vizrt partner SVG interviews Mike Raimondo, Senior Director, MAM & Broadcast Innovation, from the PGA Tour to find out how the PGA Tour is leveraging their vast archive footage, built on Viz One, to create new content now that live sports have been suspended.

Viz One Workflow

Product One workflow 1920x1080

Sports Content Factory: A templated, rapidly deployed Viz One solution for sports

Designed to address the high-performance demands of sports ​teams, leagues, and rights holders, the Vizrt Sports Content Factory provides a templated, pre-packaged full sports content workflow in the cloud from live ingest, archive, and metadata annotation, through to branded content distribution to multiple platforms. Whether you are looking to maximize content revenue, increase fan engagement with viral content, increase production efficiency, or reduce costs through automating workflows, Vizrt Sports Content Factory can do it all! 

Viz One in the Cloud


Century’s Worth of Footage

The PGA Tour uses Viz One to manage over a century’s worth of priceless footage – more than 175,000 assets – stored in AWS, and makes them available to a range of partners. 

Archive to the Cloud

TVNZ protected its assets by migrating its entire legacy tape archive to the cloud, utilizing a range of AWS S3 high availability and
deep archive storage types. 


Vizrt completes AWS FTR process for Viz One bringing MAM to the cloud 

In September 2023, Viz One completed its Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR), demonstrating Vizrt’s continued commitment to cloud best practices and demonstrating that Viz One can be safely migrated to the cloud. 

Viz One

Product & Maintenance Updates

Viz One 7.5.3

February 12th, 2024 | Viz One 7.5.3 is now officially available. This maintenance release introduces several bug fixes, and also includes improvements related to the new Viz One Exchange integration with Avid Interplay.

Active customers can download the installation files and release notes from the Vizrt FTP site.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3

Studio 8.2.1

October 9th, 2023 | Studio 8.2.1 (Viz One client) is now officially available. This maintenance release introduces several bug fixes and improvements for orf. Active customers can download the installation files and release notes from the Vizrt FTP site.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3

Viz One 7.5 and
Studio 8.2

September 22nd, 2023 | Viz One 7.5 and Studio 8.2 are now officially available. For Viz One, we’ve introduced a new automated workflow for the enrichment of content coming from sports data providers, the ability to watermark content viewed within Studio or exported from Viz One systems, and the ability to scale transcoding nodes on AWS to cater to peak demand at enterprise customers. For Studio, several key new features have also been introduced around logging, logtrack functionality, and segmentation. Active customers can download the installation files and release notes from the Vizrt FTP site.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3
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