High-volume and high-quality social media content with Viz Story

Canais Globo Viz Story image

We don’t need to have a powerful machine, we don’t need to have a huge infrastructure, the users can use it from their own desktops, that’s the beauty of it and that’s why we changed a lot of users to Viz Story.

Roberto Cossetti
Canais Globo Development Coordinator

Viz Story was installed especially for the Rio Summer Games in 2016 as a way for journalists to produce large amounts of high quality social media coverage through the Games. It is a product that GNT, the Canais Globo (formerly Globosat) News Channel, have used ever since.

The GNT social media platforms used to be managed manually, and now all of the journalists and content producers use Viz Story to create their content.

Today, GNT journalists continue to use the tool to publish content on social media and on GNT’s local CDN, and through Viz Story they can access the MAM system, Viz One, for all the archived clips and content.

Roberto Cossetti, the Development Coordinator at Canais Globo has noted that the workload around content production for social platforms has been reduced significantly.


Reduces workload by 5 hours


Integrated with Viz One


Used Viz Story since 2016