Viz Social

Viz Social

Connect directly with viewers. Curate, moderate and visualize audience views in your programming. Use data from Viz Social to review and refine your programming.

Harness social media for a more immersive viewer experience

Benefits of Viz Social

  • Browser based interface
  • Fully scalable
  • Advanced filtering and moderation
  • Real-time audience engagement
  • Connect with Viz Trio and Viz Pilot Edge templates
  • In-depth performance analysis

Seamless integration into any newsroom production workflow

Social media is where audience conversations are taking place. Informed and entertained viewers are likely to discuss what they’ve watched on social media giving you a wealth of audience-generated content to complement your storytelling. 

With Viz Social, you can also engage with viewers on Second Screens and with Streaming Extensions. Ask us how!

More than 50% of viewers are on social media while watching TV

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Curate audience-generated content

Use Viz Social to find real-time content that matters to your audience from major social media platforms, messaging apps and data sources.

Viz Social

Engage viewers with interactive programming

Including your audience creates a more immersive viewing experience. Connect and create a community with viewers via polls, competitions, and so much more.

Full publishing control

Powerful filtering to curate based on language, geographical locations, topics, keywords, hashtags and much more to define and target the content that goes to air. Real-time updates ensure information across your programming is always fresh.

Dynamic on-air graphics

Power up visualization with Vizrt graphics. Data from Viz Social is directly connected with data fields in Viz Trio or Viz Pilot Edge, allowing for seamless, real-time rendering of social media posts and data.

Data-informed programming

Review, recalibrate and iterate by analyzing your coverage and results over time to ensure optimum results and audience reach from your social media informed programs.

Viz Social 2.0 laptop demo CTA

Stay on top of trending news & events

The all-new Viz Social 2.0 combines the powerful cloud-native, browser-based Flowics backend with Vizrt graphics to offer you an easier and more efficient way to curate social media content and better connect with your audience.