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Viz Multiplay

Viz Multiplay provides flexible control of your graphics, clips, live feeds, and still images with transitions on every one of your studio display through a single interface.

Advanced content control for displays

Simple control

Content management

User versatility

  • Multi-screen control
  • Live video, graphics, clips, and stills with transitions, loops, and effects
  • Support any aspect ratio
  • Touch based interface in web browser
  • Built-in Preview with proxy
  • Search for photos and videos with built-in clip store
  • Browse media when used with Viz One media asset management
  • Manage and control Viz Engine compositing systems as media sources
  • Integrate with MOS NRCS systems for layouts and playlists
  • Build, save, and use multiple configurations
  • Create and run dynamic playlists across multiple channels
  • Manual or rundown playlist triggering
  • Save and use different layouts and switch between them

Live productions are becoming more complex using multiple screens in the studio to give presenters more storytelling options. Viz Multiplay gives media organizations a simple way to control studio screen content from a single interface. The easy-to-use and flexible application enables content to be distributed to multiple screens with different configurations.

Using a single interface, content for all screens can be previewed and played-out, from the control room or in the studio from various touchscreen devices. Screens can be different resolutions and aspect ratios for creative freedom of studio configurations. Control of individual screens or triggering of content to multiple screens occurs with a single touch or click.

Viz Multiplay comes with a powerful layout design tool to create unique configurations including video wall displays. These configurations become presets where the positioning of content changes live with transitions and animated effects.

Selecting content and building playlists is very simple with tools to browse media including clips, graphic animations, and images from the Vizrt Viz One media management system. Newsroom journalists can also define content from rundowns for Viz Multiplay using Viz Pilot in their native newsroom control system (NRCS). Playlists are reflected in the Viz Multiplay interface as a series of thumbnails depicting the content of each media item. Operators either trigger playlists as they were created in rundowns or makes on-the-fly rearrangements of the content. 

Viz Multiplay sends content to the Vizrt Viz Engine real-time composition platform. Viz Engine easily controls live video inputs, clips, graphics and still images. Viz Multiplay is configurable to control single or multiple Viz Engine systems supporting multiple graphics channels.

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Viz Multiplay Powers Massive Video Wall at South Africa’s Most Watched News Channel

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Biggest on the African continent


Huge improvement since Viz Multiplay installed


Easy and seamless into eNCA’s existing workflow

Viz Multiplay has totally revolutionized the eNCA newsroom.

Jody Jacobs
Newsroom Operations Manager at eNCA


Product Multiplay workflow 1920x1080

Viz Multiplay 3.0.2

January, 29 2021: This is a maintenance release which includes bug fixes. For the full release notes please visit the Vizrt FTP site under /products/VizMultiplay/LatestVersion

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3

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