Movistar+ and Vizrt partner to deliver a better experience for sports fans 

Raising up to the changing viewers habits challenge – Movistar+ uses Vizrt graphics solutions to efficiently create diverse content and engage younger audiences

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Bergen, Norway—18 July 2023 — Movistar+, Spain’s leading sports platform, has chosen Vizrt, the industry leader in real-time graphics and live production solutions for content creators, to revolutionize its sports content creation and better engage audiences with captivating visuals. 

As the go-to platform for comprehensive sports coverage in Spain, Movistar+ commands an impressive 20% share of the country’s total content broadcast. Movistar+ has transformed its studio with compelling visual graphics, moving away from traditional television broadcasts to appeal to the younger generation’s viewing habits. 

We want to have a lot of simultaneous information on the screen, to keep our viewers engaged without losing their attention for a second.

Julio Morales
#Vamos Content Director, Movistar+

Harnessing Vizrt’s cutting-edge control and graphics tools, Movistar+ seamlessly combines multiple layers of storytelling, delivering visually compelling shows that encompass various sports genres, from football to car racing. To enhance production efficiency, Movistar+ utilizes Viz Multiplay, a powerful solution for controlling and playing out content on screen and video walls. Viz Multiplay helps Movistar+ to optimize efficiency, producing multiple shows using a single studio. 

“Since we implemented Viz Multiplay, everything has become much simpler. It has an extremely simple and highly illustrative interface, yet it provides you with a complete view of what the set is like… and on an operational level it makes it very easy for us, to control everything.

Javier Coulouscou
Graphics Operator, Movistar+

“At Vizrt, efficiency is at the core of our control applications, and Movistar+ serves as a great example of how sports platforms can benefit from the power of Viz Multiplay. By enabling a single operator to control all screens and video walls within one studio, Movistar+ has transformed its physical space into a dynamic studio for diverse sports coverage while maintaining its recognizable brand identity.

Ionut ‘Johnny’ Pogacean
Senior Product Manager, Vizrt

Movistar+’s production setup seamlessly integrates Vizrt tools into its sports workflows. This promotes consistent production and paves the way for innovative engagement methods, particularly targeted at the mobile-savvy younger generation.

Recent research by Vizrt indicates that 77% of sports fans find graphics crucial for enhancing on-the-go engagement. By employing Vizrt’s graphics tools across linear and online platforms, Movistar+ delivers immersive visual storytelling, effectively attracting and captivating these viewers.
Taking its video wall driven storytelling to new heights, Movistar+ seamlessly merges its physical and virtual worlds, incorporating augmented reality elements into its narratives. No matter what generation of fans, or how they choose to tune in, Movistar+’s workflow delivers captivating and visually immersive experiences.

“The incorporation of various Vizrt tools, allows us to optimize our graphics resources in a very simple way, without losing the essence of the Movistar brand.

José Luis Peiró
Engineering Project Manager, Movistar+

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