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The most powerful and versatile graphics platform in the world


Composite and render scenes and make them accessible for other Vizrt applications


Render in real-time a wide variety of adaptive designs for studio or live environments


Viz Engine 5.1 includes Reality Connect™️, GhostFrame™️ XR Set Preview, and Unreal®️ Engine 5.1 integration

Key features

  • Superior Rendering Performance
  • 2D and 3D graphics processing
  • Multiple simultaneous render pipelines
  • Full scene anti-aliasing
  • Key and fill outputs
  • Multi-channel media recording and playout
  • Most complete IO structure: SDI, NDI, IP, Streaming, 4K, HDR
  • Integration with Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, After Effects
  • Ready for virtualized environments and cloud
  • Versatile plug-in API
  • Embedded, AES, and Dolby E audio
  • Multi-channel media recording and playout
  • Adaptive Graphics™ for video walls
  • Manage Unreal Engine 5.x assets in Graphic Hub
  • Shader-based Superchannel Transitions 
  • Hyper-Photorealism via Vizrt’s Viz Engine Renderer
  • Parallel outputs via single Viz Engine instance
  • WebRTC output directly from Viz Engine 

Viz Engine is the superior compositing, real-time 3D rendering and video playout platform in the media industry. It renders animated 3D scenes in all resolutions, capable of utilizing any rendering pipeline. Viz Engine is the foundational backbone of today’s most advanced graphics and video production workflows.

With superb photo-realism, stunning effects and advanced compositing features combined with unrivalled performance, decisive integrations, absolute reliability, and sleek workflows, Viz Engine reduces complexity so you can increase your creativity.

New – Reality Connect™

Viz Engine 5.1 introduces Reality Connect™. Inaugurating a new era of AI-driven 3D talent immersion within a virtual set, Reality Connect makes real-time high-fidelity talent reflections and shadow casting possible – natively within Viz Engine and using only a single GPU.

Reality Connect anchors the talent within a virtual set by employing various applications of AI pose estimation, including Vizrt’s own Viz AI.

New – Enabling Previews in XR Sets

One of the challenges users face when using an XR set is the lack of a proper preview. Vizrt has partnered with ROE Visual to combine Viz Engine 5 and GhostFrame™ to introduce an experience that is more comfortable and natural for the talent, and inconspicuous to the viewer. 

GhostFrame enables up to four feeds into an LED screen – which can be individually captured by a camera. Users select which feeds are visible for the presenter and production crew and which will be the live broadcast feed. The talent can interact with an AR object for example, without the hazard for virtual collisions, or look directly at the video wall for markers, teleprompting cues, or when conducting a remote interview; all of which are not visible in the live broadcast feed.

New – Adaptive Graphics™ Adapt to Video Walls

Viz Engine 5 solved the riddle of producing and serving graphics across multiple platforms, each possessing different aspect-ratios, by introducing Adaptive Graphics.

Now, Viz Engine extends Adaptive Graphics to include user-defined aspect-ratio support for video walls, automatically and intelligently adjusting graphics to fit any video wall size, shape, and resolution. From traditional TV and hand-held device aspect ratios, and now to non-traditional displays such as studio video walls, virtual sets, and digital signage, Adaptive Graphics protects your brand by ensuring a consistent look and unified brand identity across all platforms and displays.

New – Unreal Engine 5® Integration

Viz Engine-5 introduced a completely new integration with Unreal Engine 5, one that set new benchmarks for ease of use and performance, plus controllability and asset management. It was a significant improvement to all previous Viz Engine/Unreal Engine integrations. Viz Engine 5.1 supports both Unreal Engine 5.1 and 5.2 releases, and it includes nearly a dozen new or improved features.

Viz Engine provides wide-ranging platform connectivity supports 600+ user-specific plug-ins, importing of models from Autodesk’s Maya and 3ds Max, Maxon’s Cinema4D, and Adobe After Effects, plus support for multiple tracking systems. When you also include native NDI® integration that opens a host of possibilities including out-of-the-box AR setups with PTZ cameras and cloud-based workflows, it’s no wonder Viz Engine is the leading graphics platform in the world.

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Viz Engine 5.1.1

October 31st, 2023 | Viz Engine 5.1.1 is an important Maintenance Release that includes a critical security update. All Viz Engine users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to Viz Engine 5.1.1. This maintenance release also provides several bug fixes and improvements. A new Matrox driver addresses the X.mio5 D25 SFP activation issue in (Viz Engine 5.1.0), corrects SDP markups, and delivers improved stability. Please refer to the Release Notes for more detailed information. All installers, documentation, and required drivers are available on the Vizrt FTP in products/VizEngine/VizEngine5x/Latest

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3

Viz Engine 5.1

August 30th, 2023 | Viz Engine 5.1 delivers an abundance of new features and enhancements, including numerous improvements to the Viz Engine Renderer, the addition of Clip Player Pro as a value-added item available to Vizrt Flexible Access customers, the addition of nearly 100 Data Connectors, support for native WebRTC output directly from Viz Engine, and multiple Video I/O and Security improvements. All installer(s), documentation and required drivers are available on the FTP in products/VizEngine/VizEngine5x/Latest

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3

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