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Viz Trio

Viz Trio is the most widely used, reliable and powerful control application for graphics and media on the market, with customizable interface and seamless data-integration for fast turnaround and instant delivery.

Customizable, Powerful, Scalable

Cost-effective & Collaborative

Cloud-ready with multi-platform output

  • Customizable, intuitive interface
  • Robust Viz Engine control
  • Easily scalable to control unlimited output channels
  • Shallow learning curve
  • Fast data-integration setup
  • Multiple operators can collaborate on the same show
  • Deployable anywhere
  • MOS, NLEs integration
  • Playout to any platform with different look and feel

What is Viz Trio?

Viz Trio is an advanced playout control application that enables effortless controlling of data-driven real-time graphics. It is a feature-rich solution with a customizable interface that allows operators to personalize their own view of playlists, templates, pages, and tab fields. The data integration is so simple to connect that any operator can set up and play out real-time data-driven graphics, saving time and additional resources. Easy editing of elements and Viz Pilot Edge templates, smart hierarchical search on tab fields, and real-time preview give operators and producers the confidence to execute a perfect show every time.

Viz Trio continues to be the most flexible solution for our Studio productions using Viz Engine. We’re looking forward to using the Viz Trio 4 release in production. The new dockable features opens up lots of new possibilities for our operators.

Thomas Forrest, Technology Director
Sports Experiences at Deltatre

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Control graphics, ensure error-free programs

“Viz Trio is critical to AE Live’s ability to deliver our services to our global customers. Its interface is intuitive and provides our operational team with the flexibility to manage a graphics workflow at some of the world’s biggest sporting events. Trio 4 takes things to a new level by offering a vast amount of new and improved customisation options across the UI. These features will both help our operators better manage their day-to-day challenges and improve our service to our clients, who are always striving to improve their efficiency and workflow.”

Tom Hanson
Product Manager at AE Live

Engaging Sports Fans & Gen Z: The New Playbook

New research on sports viewer engagement

Graphics, live-data and playlists come together to tell your story

01. Find the right graphic and play it out in seconds

Find the right graphic, make changes if needed, preview it and play it out in seconds, to any channel or online platform.

Popular Features:

Intuitive customizable interface

Adjust the Viz Trio UI to your preferred style for a clearer overview of templates, page lists, playlists


Set-up your data source, fast and easy, with the straightforward data-integration, without the need for additional resources

Built-in live preview

Live built-in preview to check all graphics, animations, and their on-screen location eliminates mistakes on-air.

02. Control & Scalability

Control all the channels you need and integrate Viz Trio with your current & future infrastructure.

Popular Features:

Control multiple Viz Engines simultaneously

One Viz Trio can control unlimited Viz Engines, handling any level of show complexity. Customers run countless hours of live productions, without stability challenges.

Import, Configure, Connect

Fast import of shows and assets, page set-up and playout. No need to generate a template before playout as Viz Trio will generate and consolidate the control field.

Integrable with all Newsroom systems and other production tools

Viz Trio show rundowns can be auto populated with graphics and video added using all major newsroom systems: Dalet, ENPS, iNews, Octopus, OpenMedia, and more.

03. Deploy and playout anywhere

Produce your show from the cloud at the speed of live.

Popular Features:

Deployable to any major cloud backend

Viz Trio is the only software-defined control application in the broadcast industry that is equally powerful deployed in the studio, OB van, virtually or in a cloud environment.

Playout to any channel

One operator can control different channels and their unique graphics, as well as play them out in various ratios. Different outputs can be pre-configured, so a story can be shared to on-air and online viewers at once.

Get ready, export, go

Prepare the whole show remotely or in the studio, export it, and take it to the OB van. There is no requirement for any connection back to the studio from the on-site production. Operators can take advantage of this flexibility to be even faster with their prepared Viz Trio show.

04. Adaptive Graphics

Adaptive Graphics is a single workflow-multi-platform content delivery that automatically adjusts resolution and format to support specific display devices and effectively enables graphic artists to create once and for operators to publish multiple times.

Popular Features:

The Viz Trio interface adapts to the Adaptive Graphics scenes

The operator has instant access of the Adaptive Graphic scenes, and all their various ratios. The graphics Live Preview adapts automatically, without the need of any manual adjustment.

Cycle between various live channel previews

The operator can set-up macro commands to easily cycle between the various aspect ratios in the Live Preview and ensure that the graphics will look perfect on each platform.

Single click playout to various channels

With Viz Trio, the operator has control over multiple channel ratios, and the ability to playout the Adaptive Graphics to various TV and online platforms, simultaneously.

Viz Trio 4 Demo

Everything you need to know about the new Viz Trio 4 in one demo!


Viz Trio Diagram

Viz Trio 4.2.1

July 1st, 2024 | This is a maintenance release with multiple improvements and customer fixes, including saving a page in Viz Trio no longer changes similar fields on Onair scenes, and is the recommended version for anyone using Viz Trio 4. For more information, please read the release notes. Installers can be downloaded from the Vizrt FTP site.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3

Viz Trio 4.2

April 2nd, 2024 | This release contains over 200 fixes and small improvements. The complete details are available in the release notes. Download the installation file from the Vizrt FTP site.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3