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Keep viewers engaged and loyal with automated and scalable branding, promo, and channel cross-promotion across all linear, FAST, VOD, and OTT channels

With more content choices than ever, keeping viewers informed and engaged with strong branding and channel cross-promotion across all outputs has never been more important. Viz Channel Branding makes it easy to automatically and dynamically fill out info-bugs, menu-boards, program interstitials and promos with up-to-date and accurate information for all your channels.

With Viz Channel Branding, it’s never been easier to keep viewers informed and engaged, and to build and maintain a consistent and high-quality brand image that viewers will recognize, value, and be loyal to.


Control multiple channels simultaneously from a single interface.

Dynamic and

Build events dynamically based on metadata, rules, and conditions

Full workflow

Traffic and automation system integrations for advanced secondary event scheduling

Key Features

  • Real-time 3D graphics
  • Automation support
  • HD and 4K support
  • Automated playlist creation from traffic system
  • Last-minute playlist changes
  • Real-time preview
  • Template-based graphics
  • Monitor channel outputs using Channel Deck
  • Alert system for traffic errors
  • Automated billing and reports
  • Integrations using Vizrt REST API v2
  • Built for promotions and branding

What is Viz Channel Branding?

The proven graphics branding solution, Viz Channel Branding provides broadcasters with an automated and scalable branding and channel cross-promotion platform, helping to increase audience retention and advertising revenue while eliminating branding mistakes.

Real-time integrations with automation and traffic control systems improve efficiencies and production quality, ensuring the right branding elements are played out at the right times, with no human input required. With confidence monitoring and alerts through Channel Deck, seamless failover with Failover Helper, and automatic and dynamic population of re-usable Viz Artist templates with graphics, images, and live or recorded video clips, Viz Channel Branding makes it easy to develop your brand and keep viewers loyal to your channels.

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Maximize advertising revenues and keep audiences informed and loyal to your brand

Viz Channel Branding - Channel Deck with Alerts

01. Complete confidence in your branding outputs

Channel Deck provides a single source of truth for all your channel branding outputs across any number of channels, so operators can quickly see the output of any channel, the planned branding for it, and the result.

Popular Features:

NDI® streams

Viz Engine provides NDI® streams of each channel output into Channel Deck, so operators can see exactly what viewers see.

What’s on and what’s coming

Configurable to operator needs, Channel Deck can show what’s playing right now, and what’s due to be played, providing complete confidence in channel branding outputs.

Alert system

Channel Deck’s alert system will highlight any potential issues in the planned branding, such as missing rules, metadata, or conditions for dynamic template filling.

Viz Channel Branding - Page Editor (Set Content Dynamically)

02. Automatic template population, error checking, and event handling

Viz Channel Branding provides automated branding and promo workflows. Use metadata, conditions, and rules to populate templates, ensure graphics playout correctly with automated error checking, and handle event playout on-time, every time – with no human input needed.

Popular Features:

Metadata, rules, and conditions

Viz Channel Branding’s Page Editor makes it easy to define how your dynamic fields get populated and from which data sources (e.g. playlists, files, databases, etc.), and to apply conditions as to when to apply the rules – without coding! Your Viz Artist templates can be automatically populated with images, text, and live or pre-recorded video. Should any changes occur, all relevant information is updated instantly.

Automated error checking

An automatic error check makes sure that changes in the original playlist do not corrupt the graphics playlist. Advanced error protection features include alerts concerning overlapping animations, mismatches, or other deviations from the schedule.

Automated event handling

After a primary event has been triggered by the automation system (i.e. content or ad blocks are played out), Viz Channel Branding automatically plays out the relevant graphics, guaranteeing accurate timing. Because the relative start point of a template in relation to the main program always stays the same, updates in the playlist do not affect the graphics schedule.

Viz Channel Branding - Playlist

03. Complete control over branding and promo workflows

Make last minute changes to playlists, publish content to social platforms, and ensure easy failover to redundant systems in the event of a technology stack failure.

Popular Features:

Make last minute changes

Last-minute changes to existing playlists are very common in broadcasting. Whether sports events go overtime, or breaking news demands its own space in the playlist, Viz Channel Branding handles time-critical changes without the need for user interference.

Social publishing

Publish programming notes and updates automatically to social networks like Twitter and Facebook to keep audiences informed about your stations broadcast schedule.

Seamless failover

The Failover Helper web app provides easy failover to a redundant system to guarantee continuity of your channel branding and promos in the event of a technology stack failure, at the press of a button.

Viz Channel Branding - Basic Workflow

04. Integrations with existing workflows

Viz Channel Branding integrates seamlessly with existing channel traffic and scheduling solutions and supports the import of playlists from all major traffic and automation systems, as well as Viz Ticker for ticker and bug control and Viz Engine for playout.

Popular Features:

Traffic system integration

Viz Channel Branding receives playlist schedules from 3rd party traffic systems through bespoke integrations or Vizrt’s API, keeping Viz Channel Branding accurate up-to-the-second, even with last minute changes.

Automation system integration

Viz Channel Branding and Viz Engine receive triggers from 3rd party Automation systems to play the relevant graphics for the content being broadcasted.

Viz Ticker and Viz Engine integration

Viz Channel Branding integrates seamlessly with Viz Ticker for control of ticker and bug graphics. Viz Engine composites graphics and video in real-time in SD/HD/4K SDI and IP streams for live SDI or video streaming, and provides the NDI streams to Channel Deck for monitoring.

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Viz Channel Branding - Basic Workflow

Viz Channel Branding 5.1

October 24th, 2023 | Viz Channel Branding 5.1 is officially available and can be downloaded from the FTP server: products/VizChannelBranding/Latest Version/5.1. This is a maintenance release and includes several new features, improvements, and bug fixes. These include updates to the Template Importer, Integrations Hub REST API v2, and Channel Deck. For more information see the release notes in FTP.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3

Viz Channel Branding 5

July 10th, 2023 | Viz Channel Branding 5 is the first major release of the replacement for Viz Multichannel, introducing several new features, functionalities, and workflows, controlled by a brand-new modern user interface. Click the button below to read the full release article, and download the installers and release notes through the Vizrt FTP site: products/VizChannelBranding/Latest Version/5

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3