The power of channel branding and cross-promotion in 2024 and beyond: why it matters more than ever

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In today’s media landscape, where viewers have access to an overwhelming number of channels and platforms, capturing and retaining audience attention is becoming increasingly challenging. With the rise of content consumption habits like “zapping” to other content during ad breaks – or changing to a different device altogether – broadcasters face the constant threat of losing viewers to competitors.

In such a competitive environment, channel branding and cross-promotion have emerged as crucial strategies to build a brand that viewers recognize and value, and, importantly, stay loyal to.

But what is channel branding and promo?

Channel branding and cross-promotion:

  • Establishes a channel’s identity
  • Attracts viewers and helps keep them loyal
  • Brings viewers back by promoting what’s on and what’s coming across all your channels
  • Increases revenue for advertisement-based channels by making your channels more appealing to advertisers

Broadcasters can brand their channels in various ways, such as bugs/logos/idents, snipes/lower thirds, line-ups, squeezebacks, crawls/tickers, slates, and many more.

1. Changing viewer habits

Research suggests that up to 50% of audiences switch channels or engage in other activities during ad breaks1. Additionally, traditional linear TV viewing is forecasted to shrink to just 48% of total video viewing by 20282. These viewer churn and consumption changes pose a significant challenge for broadcasters, threatening audience retention and advertising revenues. In this context, channel branding becomes a powerful tool to keep viewers informed and engaged, reducing the likelihood of them straying to other content. By creating a consistent and memorable brand experience, broadcasters can establish a stronger connection with their audiences, making them more likely to stay tuned and return for future content.

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Viz Channel Branding - Stand out from the crowd by building a strong brand image

2. The expanding choice of channels and platforms

Today’s viewers enjoy an unprecedented range of content options across linear playout, FAST channels, VOD, and OTT platforms. This proliferation of channels and platforms increases the competition for audience attention. To stand out in this crowded space, broadcasters must invest in effective channel branding strategies. By creating a distinct brand identity and leveraging cross-promotion techniques, broadcasters can differentiate their channels and entice viewers to choose their content over others. Channel branding helps create a memorable impression that lingers with viewers, increasing the chances of them selecting specific channels amidst the sea of options.

3. The importance of building brand recognition and value

Channel branding is more than just the visual appeal of your channels. It encompasses the complete brand experience, including on-air graphics, promos, and marketing campaigns. By consistently delivering high-quality content and maintaining a cohesive brand image, broadcasters can cultivate brand recognition and value among viewers. A strong brand creates trust, loyalty, and emotional connections, resulting in viewers actively seeking out and engaging with the content provided by that channel. Channel branding acts as a guiding force, shaping viewer expectations and shaping their perception of a channel’s quality and relevance.

Viz Channel Branding - Viewers have so much choice now
Viz Channel Branding - Ensure monetization and future growth with strong branding and promo

4. Monetization and future growth

Channel branding and cross-promotion are not just about establishing a presence; they also play a significant role in revenue generation. A strong channel brand enhances a broadcaster’s marketability, attracting advertisers and sponsors who want to align their products or services with a trusted brand. Cross-promotion amplifies the broadcaster’s visibility, reaching a wider audience and increasing potential revenue streams. Furthermore, a well-established brand opens doors for merchandising, licensing, and other ancillary revenue opportunities. By investing in channel branding and cross-promotion, broadcasters can position themselves for long-term growth and financial sustainability.

Grow your audiences with a proven channel branding solution

In the fast-paced world of broadcasting, channel branding, and cross-promotion have become indispensable tools for success. As technology continues to evolve and viewer habits shift, broadcasters must adapt to stay relevant. By embracing a solid channel branding workflow, broadcasters can differentiate themselves, establish trust, and maximize viewer engagement. Through strategic cross-promotion, they can navigate the fragmented media landscape and unlock new monetization opportunities. In 2023, channel branding and cross-promotion are more important than ever, helping broadcasters carve a distinct identity, build a loyal fan base, and thrive in the dynamic world of media.

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Need a solution that does it all for you, guaranteeing consistent branding every time? Viz Channel Branding launched on July 10th, 2023, and ushers in a new era of automated and scalable channel branding, promo, and marketing control for broadcasters across linear playout, FAST channels, VOD, and OTT. Building upon and replacing its predecessor, Viz Multichannel, Viz Channel Branding introduces far greater automation, control, stability, and visibility for branding and channel cross-promotion needs across all linear and on-demand outputs. Automated workflows ensure on-screen branding events are dynamically built using metadata, rules, and conditions, while tight integrations with traffic and automation systems ensure frame-accurate and correct playout regardless of changes to programming.

See how to add videos and graphics manually or dynamically using Viz Channel Branding’s Page Editor

See how to automate the insertion of graphics onto your channels with Viz Channel Branding’s intelligent rules functionality

See confidence monitoring in action with Viz Channel Branding’s Channel Deck feature

With Viz Channel Branding, it’s never been easier to address the challenges facing modern broadcasters, with consistent branding and promo that keeps viewers informed and engaged while building a consistent and high-quality brand image that viewers will recognize, value, and be loyal to.

Confidence monitoring of any number of outputs through Channel Deck, seamless failover if disaster strikes with the Failover Helper web app, and the ability to create several months’ worth of planned branding in advance ensure Viz Channel Branding is the only tool you need to take control of your branding and promo needs. Get in touch for a demo today!


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2 Tom, Standen-Jewell and Harrington, Tom and Hind, Gill. (2023). Video viewing forecasts: Broadcasters under half of viewing by 2028. Enders Analysis.