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Demand for real-time 3D TV graphics was the starting point

For the last ten years Vizrt has been a runaway success story within the highly profitable sector of real-time TV graphics.   This success owes as much to the top-quality look of Vizrt’s real-time 3D graphics as to the workflow efficiencies its products allow for.  Vizrt graphics are now the mainstay of broadcasters like the BBC, CNN, Fox, Sky and many others.  By templating the more routine graphics so that operators and journalists rather than designers can do the work, a Vizrt system gives a broadcaster’s creative talent the freedom to design original one-off 3D animations to catch the viewer’s eye.  Starting with standard definition systems, Vizrt soon achieved the same reputation for high definition graphics, a development that has further validated recently as Vizrt’s technology was selected by leading broadcasters such as Fox Sports and Sky Sports as their graphics system of choice for the new stereoscopic 3DTV platform.

Vizrt is determined to retain its leadership position for real-time 3D TV graphics and every year allocates substantial R&D resources to extend its competitive lead.
Vizrt filled a gap in the market

Today, if you talk to those senior managers at Vizrt who first created the company, you will learn a surprising fact.  It was not through any special knowledge of 3D design technology that the company ventured into this  niche area.  It was rather the identification of a gap in the market and the realization that there was a significant potential demand from broadcasters’ for a high-quality 3D template graphics system that prompted the company to develop its own. 

This desire to identify the need for new technologies and efficient workflows has never left the company.  As soon as profits from the graphics business enabled growth, Vizrt’s management began to look for other new technologies it could develop for the same market sector.

Innovation is the driver

And so Vizrt continues to expand upon its original graphics origins to provide a fully-integrated set of multimedia tools to help its global client base to enhance and repurpose its media content across a broad spectrum of platforms.  Vizrt has also added an important new group of print and internet publishers as customers, all of whom want to take advantage of the same integrated technology as used by Vizrt’s TV customers to enhance their own media platforms. 

Whatever emerges as the next big thing to capture the public imagination for the consumption of media content, you can be sure that Vizrt will be there with another premium product, offering just the right solution at just the right time.