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Turnkey solutions from Vizrt that offer next-generation
connectivity empowering the next generation.


Turnkey solutions from Vizrt that offer next-generation connectivity empowering the next generation.

Bringing learning to life

Moving to a whole new way of delivering education and still ensuring that learners are engaged requires a new mindset and the technology to match. Vizrt provides scalable solutions that can adapt to the fast-paced world of education and be used by both teachers and students alike, wherever they are in the world.

Watch this video to discover how Vizrt’s powerful live video solutions including the TriCaster are reshaping the learning landscape. From remote courses to student-produced broadcasts, witness how this technology is fostering creativity, accessibility, and convenience in education. Hear the experiences of students using cutting-edge tools to create compelling content.

How to: Engage Students, Connect Streamers, and Increase Live Production

Webinar: February 27th, 2024 @ 6:00pm GMT

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Lessons from around the world

Here are just a few ways Vizrt has helped schools, colleges, and universities globally, stay connected.

The Guide to Lecture Capture

The lecture capture video technology is creating positive experiences all over the world – in both the corporate and education sectors.

Education Solution - Wolverhampton

Empowering the Future of Education

Vizrt’s TriCaster and NDI help transform today’s classroom into a modern hybrid learning environment.

Cranfield University’s Success Beyond the Classroom 

Cranfield University transforms video production through AV-over-IP and software-defined methods. Dr. Toby Thompson and his team showcase their game-changing solutions for hybrid learning. Watch this video to explore the versatility of video outside the classroom. teaching and discovering how their technical innovations have raised the bar for live online video production and opened a new revenue stream for online education.

Education Solution - Game Changer Square

The Evolving Landscape of Video in Higher Education

As students increasingly demand the same level of convenience and accessibility in their academic experiences as they do in their personal lives, the video landscape in higher education is constantly evolving.

Where IT Tech meets AV Experts

Watch this webinar, hosted by ActualTech Media Where IT Tech meets AV Experts.   

Empower the learning and sports experience in education today.  Modern learners expect brilliant interactive learning with peers and faculty — simulation, games, audiovisual (AV) collaboration — that will help them solve problems and retain vital information. They expect an education experience which is inspiring and accessible beyond the campus. 

How to: Engage Students, Connect Streamers, and Increase Live Production

This insightful informative LAVNCH & LEARN webinar, with experts from Vizrt and Broadfield Distributing is dedicated to enabling educators to engage learners effectively, making it possible to deliver teaching sessions globally through streaming or via Learning Management systems, accessible to students and viewers at their convenience.

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Permanent Solutions to Evolving Needs

The increased demand for high quality video and audio is no longer a nice to have; it’s a necessity. Vizrt offers products and solutions that cater to the full spectrum of needs; making the permanent move to hybrid learning for institutions, a seamless one.

Technology of the future for minds of the future

Vizrt’s scalable and adaptive solutions are designed with the future in mind; built to change with users’ evolving needs without engaging in costly infrastructure or technology updates every 12 months.

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Continuing Community at Fort Hays State University with Vizrt Group tech

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst Fort Hays State University needed to upgrade the school’s broadcast equipment with the latest innovations from NewTek, NDI and Vizrt, brands under the Vizrt Group.

Education Solution - Fort Hays
Education Solution - Guildhall

The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, UK.

From video assessments of students progress to keeping a century-long tradition going through a global pandemic; Vizrt breathes new life into the Guildhall’s infrastructure.

Mianyang Teacher’s College, China

How this college future-proofed its studio to prepare the next generation of teachers across China, with the most advanced, hybrid technology.

Education Solution - Mianyang
Education Solution - sign language

School District Pivots to Immersive Online Learning with Vizrt

The Medford School District in Southern Oregon serves 14,444 students across a broad geographical area – reaching as far south as the California border and covering some of Oregon’s smallest rural communities. And just like every other district in March of 2020 the Medford School District had to shut its doors to students as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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Workflows That Just Work

Vizrt offers an array of products to suit any set-up from simple to the most complex.

Education Solution - workflow